Friday, 20 June 2014

Business Quiz Set- 18

1) After a brief stint at Xerox's research labs, X founded iBrain a computer software later it was acquired by Pattern RX Inc. His second start up was, focused on  service-based integration of enterprise applications and information. Later X joined Peregrine Systems (California based computer software company). Who is this I am Talking about 
Vishal sikka 

2)  In 1910's seven brothers immigrated to California from Italy. Working together, they made strides in aviation by inventing the first enclosed cabin monoplane. An accomplishment that led to the airplane that carried mail for the U.S. Postal Service. They stopped manufacturing  aircraft in 1925 after the death of one of the brother in plane crash. Company keep changing there product line but today well known for the different product. Id which company it is ? 
- Jacuzzi 

3) Which country released this postage stamp in honour of celebration 100 years of Indian cinema ?
- Brazil 

4) It was founded in 1902 by two British entrepreneurs AN Turner and AC Wright. In 1928,  Pinchin Johnson & Associates bought this company. The company makes high build zinc 
coatings, radiation resistant coatings for nuclear power plants, polyurethane paint for fighter aircraft and railway coaches, among others.  Some of India's iconic buildings and structures like the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu and the Salt Lake Stadium have traditionally used its products. Id this brand ?
-  Shalimar Paints

5) This outfit was the first service uniform registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which was made from rayon-satin. This costume comes in 10 colors and numerous sizes, but without the collar and cuffs. Name tags and rosettes were added to the costume in 1961. This costume has been modified several time throughout the years to reflect current fashion. Today, this costume has become become a corporate identity of a famous brand. What I am talking about ? 
Bunny Costume

6) The Mayor of Tokyo, Mr Shimpei Goto, named this brand with the hope that this brand, (a 
luxury item of those times), would become widely available to common people and be sold 
throughout the world. Id this brand ? 
- Citizen 

7)  Which brand launched this awareness campaign supporting diversity and standing up against oppression internationally. ?

- Timberland 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Business Quiz Set- 17

1) The phrase was popularized by Peter Drucker  in his book "The Effective Executive". And, with a footnote in the text, Drucker attributes the phrase to Austrian-American economist Fritz Machlup. What is phrase ?
- Knowledge Economy

2) The corporate HQ of which company is known as the "One Earth" ?
-  Suzlon Energy

3) This American company founded in 1882 and went bankrupt in 1921 during the recession that followed World War I. The company initially sold low-cost items such as rubber stamps etc. But later started producing something else which made this brand so popular that company coined the phrase "The _______ that made the dollar famous!". Theodore Roosevelt mentioned that during his hunting trip in Africa he was described as "the man from the country where _________ was produced."  Which brand is this whose some of its customer were Thomas Edison, MK Gandhi and Theodore Roosevelt etc today this company is owned by a Hong Kong based company  ?
-Ingersoll watches

4) Whose motto is "Working for a World Free of Poverty" ?
- World Bank 

5) This is a kind of phenomena (in pic) in the developed country reported at the time of recession in the country in which several luxury items demand increased. What is this phenomena is particular known as ?

- Lipstick Effect

6) Who launched Cashflow Technologies, a business and financial education company which owns and operates the "Rich Dad" and "Cashflow brands" a guide to Investing in financial world. Id Who own it ?
Robert Kiyosaki

7) Which Indian bank was is this which merged with ICICI Bank in 2010 having tagline 
"Dare To Dream" ? 

- Bank of Rajasthan 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Business Quiz Set -16

1) The logo of this brand  was actually created by celebrity artist Alan Aldridge, who's best known for his work with the Beatles. Originally it was the idea of its one of its founder who model it after the simple design of Chevrolet's car hood ornament. Originally, they were going to make the colors red, white and blue, but decided that would be too much "Americana". So they liked it just the way it is. ID which famous entity logo came in existence ? 
- Hard Rock Cafe

2) This 40 year old pizza chain founded in the 1973, in Omaha following the release of a movie throughout the country starring Marlon Brando, interestingly this chain was also named after the name of this movie. This idea to start this chain struck to the founder when he was on a trip with his some friend and he prepared pizza to cheers those moment, as the aroma gets around the neighborhood. Civilians started coming around them asking to buy this. The pizza and the concept grew in popularity because of its quality niche and unique offerings today. Id this popular US brand ?  
-  The GodFather Pizza 

3) Founded by two Scotsmen in Kolkata, started as a Partnership Firm in 1867. Today this is a Mini-Ratna, Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. This company has presence in both manufacturing and service sectors such as steel, industrial greases, specialty lubricants, corporate travel and logistics services etc. Id this company ?
Balmer Lawrie & company founded by George Stephen Balmer and Alexander Lawrie

4) This U.S.-based video-sharing website founded back in mid 2000's, was blocked in India under orders from the DoT for a week due to  piracy and copyright infringement of the films '3 and Dhammu' were the cause of a week ban of the site in India. 
  Recently in Jan 2014 this site is blocked in Turkey, without stating any reasons. In May 2014, Indonesia had banned this video sharing site, claiming that it hosted “pornographic” content, causing an outcry among local users. Id which site is this ?

5) She is an Indian fashion designer. She named her first collection as 'Kattran' (miniature bits of fabric). Today she sells designer merchandise under her name. She has been the youngest designer to unveil at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2010. She has designed outfits for Bollywood actresses such as Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Mandira Bedi etc. Id her who is also a daughter of famous cricketer ?
Masaba Gupta daughter of Viv Richard

6)  X Joined Adelaide stockbroking firm HW Hodgetts and Co in 1935 after relocating from Sydney. In 1945, HW Hodgetts company went under debts of more than £120,000 and declared bankruptcy later. But just 48 hours after Hodgetts declared bankruptcy, X was allowed to form a new firm & he named it after him and later he utilized Hodgetts client list to push his own business. People accused X of stealing the goodwill of the company and considered X behind the bankruptcy of HW Hodgetts. This left a stigma attached to X name in the city's business community for many years. Who is this today known him for his great contribution in a different field ?
Donald Bradman "The Don"

7) Id the logo of which National Airline, which HQ is know as "The Hub" ? 

- Air New Zealand