Friday, 29 April 2016

Business Quiz - 83

1) This firm founded in 2004, the name is derived from the two statistical term and having the slogan of "Do The Math"? 
Mu Sigma Inc

2) Brendan O’Regan convinced the Irish government to pass a law that made Shannon Airport as technically not a part of Ireland, law was passed in 1947 and it became the world first of its kind Airport to conceive an idea which was later followed by Hong Kong in 1960, Hawaii in 1962 and widely popular in today world. What is the idea or what make the Airport to be first of its kind ? 
 Duty-free airports

3) Id the person ? 
Russi Mody

4) Initially, this scheme was introduced by Department of Post, 132 years back as a welfare scheme to benefit its employees. Later on, this scheme was available to the State, Central govt. and PSU's employees. It was the first time when such services were extended to female employees also. What is this introduced by Postal Dept. in 1884 which has around 6.5 million users till now in the country?
- Postal Life Insurance 

5) The first recorded usages of this practice was in 1988 by Microsoft when Paul Maritz ordered to its employees to use company product internally first before launching into the market. Today this practice is widely used in software industry. What is the term is coined for such practices? 
Eating your own dog food or Dogfooding

6) What was established in 1940 which was actively encouraged by the Kingdome of Mysore and estd under the Mysore Companies Act as a private Ltd company, Walchand had fist approached share holders of his own company?  
- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

7) Id this apparel brand from its logo and name its parent company ? 

Bean Pole, a South Korean fashion brand owned by Samsung’s  

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Business Quiz - 82

1) One of the earliest use of the term ______ ______ found in 1989 in PC User magazine in an article about the adoption of Macintosh SE versus Compaq. It is a practice which is generally adopted by every company as a marketing tool which was first used by "Hotmail" in 1996. Id what is this marketing tool which is widely used today ?   
Viral Marketing
2) Id the missing title ? 

The World is Flat

3) Connect ? (Person on the right is a scientist who exposed something recently) 
 Volkswagen's emission test scam. (Leonardo DiCaprio is set to work on a movie based on the scam & Arvind Tiruvengadam who exposed the scam with his team)

4) What was created by Dr. C .F. Rehnborg in 1930's sold as the California Vitamin Company later renamed in 1939 which is currently manufactured by Access Business Group ? 

5) Id the innovator who helped to chart the course of the automobile through the first decades of the twentieth century? 

 Ferdinand Porsche

6) What was this first introduced in India on 7 April, 1860 by James Wilson ( who founded The Economist & Standard Chartered Bank) ? 
Indian Budget

7) His forthcoming books are 'Think with Me - How to make our country ideal', & 'Reflections from Tihar - A book on Tihar Jail' which are to be released soon. Who is this, one of his book recently topped the non-fiction category of Nielsen best-seller list ? 
Subrata Roy

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Business Quiz - 81

1) Who has launched a perfume brand in India which literally mean as the "good smell of socialists". Each bottle of  perfume captures the fragrance of four different cities—Agra, Lucknow, Benares and Kannauj,” Who launched this  perfume line ? 
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav

2) In the second budget of Yashwant Sinha in 1999, which also happened to be the last budget of the twentieth  century made a historic departure from a practice that had been followed by all his predecessors since Independence.  All Finance Ministers succeeding him have stuck to the new practice started by Y. Sinha since then. What practice was given up ?  
-  Announcing the budget at 5PM. Instead it's being announced at 12PM since then.

3) Connect ? 
Hamleys collaboration with Grofers for toys delivery. 
  1. William Hamley founded Hamleys toys store.
  2. French Ludendo Groupe bought Hamleys' business in 2012
  3. Hamleys were supposed to start partnership with Reliance
  4. Grofers became their online partner in India for toys delivery

4)  IVY PARK is a new sportswear brand named after founder daughter, Id who came up with this brand ? 

5) What is so special about this Lego work, who is named Professor C. Bodin ? 
 First female scientist mini figure by Lego

6) This group founded in mid 1960's  by Lala Rattan Chand has today blossomed into one of the largest Textile Business houses in India. They're the second largest producer of sewing thread in the country. Which group?
 Vardhaman group

7) Id this central bank of which nation which is the first central bank in the world to introduce a dedicated hotline for the general public to complain any banking related problem also first central bank in the world to issue a "Green Banking Policy". Id this from its logo ? 

Bangladesh Bank

Monday, 4 April 2016

Business Quiz - 80

1) After his failure to get admission at IIT, he completed his bachelor degree from the Uni of Pennsylvania later received his business degree from the Wharton School. He also started a detergent company while in college and its products sold across 4000 Walmart stores there. After a very brief period at Microsoft he came back to India he started an offline coupon book business named Money Saver. Who is this and what did he start ? 
Kunal Bahl started Snapdeal

2) Id the person and what did he start in 1890 ? 

Mahadeo Havaji Bachche known for starting Mumbai Dabbawalas

3) What was invented by a US based in 1960 under an initiative "Project Muscle". Which as marketed as 'Chemcor'. The product was used until the early 1990's in automotive, aviation and Pharmaceutical industry. Id what I am talking about 
Gorilla Glass

4) The brand name is a phonetic translation of "well-loved" in French. This brand was launched in 1947 by Godefroy Manufacturing, taken over by Unilever in 2010. In 2014, company launched a campaign called "Runaway Insiders" in which gave women a personal point of view of the latest trends and how they can achieve various professional looks at home. Id the brand 

5) Id the book from its cover page which suggested methods were put in use in the UK civil service ? 

Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

6) This group 2nd major venture was a Chemical Enterprises and today it is leading player in the field of industrial and domestic adhesives, marketing its products under the successful brand name Dendrite. It also entered the hospitality business in early 2000's under the brand name 'The Senator'. Id the group which also having the presence in Real Estate biz, Software, Rubber plantation etc. 
P. C. Chandra Group

7) This is a Publishing company specialises in producing visual travel guides to Indian destinations. Which is its parent company  ?

Eicher Group

Friday, 1 April 2016

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz Chandigarh Prelim Round 2016

1 Which brand is named after Maharana Pratap Horse ? 


2 Himalayan Water is brand of which group ?


3 "Six Thinking Hats" book of which Author 

- Edward De Bono 

4 TUV 500 is brand of which Group 

- M&M 

5 Market Cap to GDP ratio is generally named after whom in the world of finance ? 

- Buffet Valuation

6 Living Foodz is channel owned by which group 

- Zee

7 Question on Ferrero Rocher a long. 

8 Question on a campaign run by fortis.  

9 Vice’s Feminist Channel ‘Broadly’ today the female-focused site is rolling out its first Web series under a new partnership with ____

- Unilever 

10 Which company set to enter the branded oils and pulses category under brand name NuPro ? 

- M&M 

11 Qes on Happy Rajasthan Campaign answer was Danik Bhasker 

12 Question of Ayurvedic Cosmetic brand Shahnaaz Hussain 

13 Id 

- 37signals.

14 Pic of  this is Adil Zainulbhai which media group has appointed him as Chairman of the company ? 

-TV 18 

15 Id the Logo of ? 

- Bandhan Bank logo 

16 Ques on Darjeeling Tea 

17 Id the  designer ? 

-  Masaba Gupta 

18 Id him, he heads which Tata company ? 

- Tata Steel 

19 Id him 

- Rahul Bajaj

20 Campaign on L'oreal 

Cut off for Wild Card 13 

We Could secure Runner Up position in Chandigarh Regional Final. Wanted to continued this journey but missed unfortunately.