Sunday, 22 February 2015

Business Quiz Set 43

1) He is widely known as economist of deregulation and best known as the "architect of airline deregulation" when he spearheaded the U.S. Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. He showed that flexible pricing was beneficial for both customers as well as for Airline Industry. It was his vision and actions resulted in a profound transformation of the U.S. airline industry and strongly influenced international air transportation. Id who is this ?    

- Alfred E Kahn                                                   

2) Which Taiwan based brand has slogan "Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to life ?
- BenQ 

3)  Id the this French fashion designer who was once contacted by Pakistan International Airline to designed the uniforms for its air hostess & which became an instant hit in 1960's ? 
- Pierre Cardin

4) Which restaurant chain was started by R S Kamath in mid 1980's  as a small store in Juhu in Mumbai which has been endorsed by several celebrities, including Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar and Vivian Richards on various platforms.  
- Natural ice cream

5)  Id this book is about which brand ?
- Ben & Jerry Book 

6) This was a kind of allowance given to selected persons in India till 1970's which was ranged from 5K  to 1 million. Later in late 1960's Govt. of India decided to abolish this allowance as it was causing revenue deficit to the Govt but failed in doing so. It was again proposed in 1971 then PM Indira Gandhi gave argument of equal rights for all citizens of India and successful in doing amendment in proposed law. Id what has been talked about ?
- Privy Purse  (It was a payment made to the royal families of erstwhile princely states as part of their agreements to first integrate with India in 1947, and later to merge their states in 1949 whereby they lost all ruling rights)

7) Id the old logo of which famous brand ? 
Dunkin Donuts

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Business Quiz Set 42

1)  This game and its variants are popular in many countries. Some of the games are sold under the brand name like Sorry, Trouble, Aggravation. In Greece the game is called Grumbler, In Sweden it is known as Fia. What game I am talking about originated in 6th century and early evidence of this game is also found in the Ajanta Cave ? 
Ludo which is derived from Indian Game Pachisi

2) X was an Ireland based company founded by L. Auchincloss. This was acquired by Unilever in late 1980's which it sold to ICI (Imperial Chemical Ind) in 1997. Later a Scotsman bought the share from ICI and became one of the major shareholder of this company along with Y in India. Id which company it is came in India in 1978 ?   
- Biocon 

3)  First time it was introduced at the Lyon Exhibition in mid 1890's. Interestingly it made its brief appearance in the Asterix series as the chariot wheel dealer. It also plays a key role in William Gibson's novel Pattern Recognition. Id which mascot I am talking about which is one of the world oldest and most recognised trademark ? 
- Bibendum 

4) First time it was introduced in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, who served them to her guests. Today, they are generally served around the world on some occasion like Christmas. Acc. to Guinness Book of Records, the world largest of this was made by IKEA in Oslo, Norway in late 2000's. What I am talking about which is also used in decoration of house as well ? 
- Gingerbread man cookie 

5) Connect with a company ?  
- Microsoft is the overall answer ( Avanade JV of Microsoft with Accenture, Kin mobile phone from Microsoft, Spartan logo new browser from teh Microsoft for Window 10, and Microsoft car. 

6) X began in response to disaster in form of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that struck northeast Japan in 2011 which disrupted phone lines across the country and damaged telecommunication infrastructure nationwide, obliging employees at a Korean company Naver Corporation, rely on internet based resources to communicate. The company engg. developed something to cope up with this situation and later it was released in the market and got huge success in a short period. Id what was started ? 
- Line App

7) Id the logo of which US based retail chain started with specialised in building and repairing tennis rackets later expanded to manufacturer items for golf clubs and fishing tackle etc. This company also developed and patented a standardized shuttlecock and popularises badminton in the United States. Today manufacture wide range of  ? 

Eddie Bauer 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Business Quiz Set 41

1) Melendez who was a Spanish citizen who used to run a website an adult site. To hide his identity and work from his loved one, he created something which he later sold to Israel Govt. What did he sell to Israel Govt. ?
- Twitter Handle as his name was Israel Melendez so made a Twitter handler after his first name 

2) After the World War I, this company became bankrupt due to financial losses incurred by speculating on the wildly fluctuating sugar prices, and was acquired by R.C. Megargel but failed to run this company and once again it went bankrupt but was bought by an American businessman C Guth who was an executive of an US based candy company, he was the man most responsible for making this company what it is today. Id this brand  ?
- Pepsi

3) This retail giant is operating two sophisticated criminal forensics laboratories, one at its headquarters and the other in Las Vegas. Originally, the lab was created with the role of investigating internal instances of theft and fraud and other criminal actions that have occurred on its own properties. Eventually the company started offering free services to law enforcement agencies like FBI, US secret service etc across country. Id this Retail giant ? 
- Target 

4) This phrase earlier used to be slogan for Ritz Hotel which was later popularised by the H. G. Selfridge, J. Wanamaker and Marshall Field. Id what common phrase I am talking ?  
- Customer is always Right 

5) Connect to company ? 

- CBS, Westinghouse acquired the network in 1995 later sold to the Viacom, sometime also known as called the "Tiffany Network"  National Amusements own this in today time and 60 min a famous programe of channel. 

6) The adv agency of this company suggested "Lasers" as its name but it was J G Muir Sales Manager for the company, who coined the name for this brand and named it after a cornmeal (dish prepared like a bread roll)  which is usually served by hunters, fisherman, military person to feed their dogs mostly in Southern US. It is also served as a side dish/snacks usually at seafood restaurants mostly. Id which US based fashion brand is this shared its name with a meal ? 
- Hush Puppy 

7) Philosophy of which company ? 

- McCan Erickson 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Business Quiz Set 40

1) This company was started as a distributor of Onitsuka Tiger Shoes in US. When Founder of X visited Japan in 1963 he was impressed by Onitsuka Tiger shoes with their high quality, he immediately visited Onitsuka Tiger office asked to be their sales agent in US. Id what company came in existence in result ? 
- Nike 

2) The Coca Cola Corporation is the world largest customer of Natural Vanilla, when the New Coke was introduced in mid 1980's which used synthetic vanilla instead of real vanilla as a result X economy crashed with the launch of this New Coke as the demand for real Vanilla saw steep decline in decline as this country was renowned for its high quality vanilla which is the world's leading exporter of this commodity and accounting half of global production. But recovered after New Coke flopped. Id which Country was this ? 
- Madagascar

3) This practice has developed over time as unions respond to workers being laid off because of technological change. These lay-offs have caused unions to seek some way to retain workers, even though there may be little work for them to perform. What is the term coined for such practice when labour union hiring more worker than necessary for a particular task ? 
- Featherbedding 

4) The name of this brand when literally translated means "master of hunters". This used to be a job title for those who had high ranking official in charge of matters related to hunting. Id which famous German herbal Liqueur brand which logo depict "Oh Dear God" ? 
- J├Ągermeister 

5)Connect ? 

- Micromax, Micromax  ficitional character of Marvel Universe, YU is micromax brand and its founder.

6) Which hospitality brand known for this credo, "We are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen" ? 
- Ritz & Carlton 

7) Id the logo of which British pharmaceutical company which is today part of GlaxoSmithKline ?

- The Beecham