Sunday, 1 February 2015

Business Quiz Set 40

1) This company was started as a distributor of Onitsuka Tiger Shoes in US. When Founder of X visited Japan in 1963 he was impressed by Onitsuka Tiger shoes with their high quality, he immediately visited Onitsuka Tiger office asked to be their sales agent in US. Id what company came in existence in result ? 
- Nike 

2) The Coca Cola Corporation is the world largest customer of Natural Vanilla, when the New Coke was introduced in mid 1980's which used synthetic vanilla instead of real vanilla as a result X economy crashed with the launch of this New Coke as the demand for real Vanilla saw steep decline in decline as this country was renowned for its high quality vanilla which is the world's leading exporter of this commodity and accounting half of global production. But recovered after New Coke flopped. Id which Country was this ? 
- Madagascar

3) This practice has developed over time as unions respond to workers being laid off because of technological change. These lay-offs have caused unions to seek some way to retain workers, even though there may be little work for them to perform. What is the term coined for such practice when labour union hiring more worker than necessary for a particular task ? 
- Featherbedding 

4) The name of this brand when literally translated means "master of hunters". This used to be a job title for those who had high ranking official in charge of matters related to hunting. Id which famous German herbal Liqueur brand which logo depict "Oh Dear God" ? 
- Jägermeister 

5)Connect ? 

- Micromax, Micromax  ficitional character of Marvel Universe, YU is micromax brand and its founder.

6) Which hospitality brand known for this credo, "We are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen" ? 
- Ritz & Carlton 

7) Id the logo of which British pharmaceutical company which is today part of GlaxoSmithKline ?

- The Beecham


rajchanda77 said...

1. Asics
2. Madagascar
3. Feather-bedding
4. Jagermeister
5. Micromax Yureka
6. Ritz-Carlton
7. Beecham group

Anonymous said...

1) Nike Inc
2) Madagascar
3) Featherbedding
4) Jägermeister
5) Micromax
6) The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
7) The Beecham Group

Brand Trivia Today said...

Email By Anand Raj

1) Nike
2) Madagascar
3) Featherbedding
4) Jägermeister
5) MicroMax
6) Ritz-Carlton
7) The Beecham Group plc

Brand Trivia Today said...

Email by Ashish Bisht

1. Asics
6.Ritz carlton

Brand Trivia Today said...

Email by Anand Kumar

Connect is Micromax, founders of Micromax, Yureka brand of Micromax and Micromax (Fictional Character)
Ritz Carlton Group
Beecham Group

Brand Trivia Today said...

Email by debabrata chowdhury

Nike (founder nick knight)
Feather bedding
jager meister
Yu telekom of micromax (logo, and all founders photo)-
Ritz Carlton
The Beecham group