Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Business Quiz Set - 67

1) Who is this, founder of a famous adv agency & known for coining which famous tagline?

 Dan Weilden co-founded Wieden+Kennedy and coined the Nike tagline "Just Do It."

2) Catamaran Management Services Pvt Ltd, a venture capital fund in 2010 founded by X. It made its debut investment in SKS Microfinance. The VC firm has been known to invest in diverse sectors such as energy drink, healthcare and e-commerce, Healthspring, Kaizen Private Equity LLC, Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd. are some of the  company which have raised investment from the firm. Id who founded this , last year they come in JV with Amazon? 
NR Narayan Murthy

3) Which online travel brand derived its name from a combination of “exploration and speed”? 
- Expedia 

4) What is "Volkswagen Law"  which was passed by German Govt. in 1960 but it was struck down by  the European Court of Justice in 2007 on the ground of it illegally restricted the free movement of capital in European markets. What is this Volkswagen Law? 
- This law limiting the share of any other stockholder to 20 percent, regardless of how many shares owned, the law effectively protected the company from any attempt at a hostile takeover.

5) Id the campaign of? 

6) Connect ?  
 -  John Scully.
( PepsiCo Former President introduced Pepsi Challenge, Co-Founder Zeta Interactive, Founder Obi Worldphone, Jeffrey Warren "Jeff" Daniels will play his role in upcoming movie “Steve Jobs”.
7) Id the product from this famous icon? 

Tony the Tiger is the advertising cartoon mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal. 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

TATA CRUCIBLE Corporate Chandigarh Preliminary Round 2015

1) Indianroots is an online shopping site owned by which media house? 

2) Which Indian business house agreed to acquire the Total Super Store business from Jubilant Agri and Consumer Products Ltd ? 
- Birla 

3) Who has partnered with her trainer Marco Borges to launch a new vegan meal delivery service? 
-  Beyonce

4) Minneapolis native Leroy S. Buffington was awarded a patent in 1888 who is also considered as Father of X. What is the term coined for such creation by him? 

-  Skyscarper 

5) Who is this MP has interest in compines like Final Ccut and Curtain Call a talent company ? 
- Kiran Kher 

6) Question on Butter Crisis in Norway 

7) Tirumalai Krishnamacharya who own a famous trademark of what? 

- Yoga 

8) Question on Catbert: Evil HR Director

9) The Owl and the Lamp is  original icon. First appearing in 1864, the mighty owl was meant to represent wisdom – experience, judgment and knowledge. The lamp in its talons is a symbol of light and clearness of vision. Which famous adv agency having this trademark?

10) Philip Vaughan, a Welsh inventor and ironmaster who created the first design of this in Carmarthen in 1794. What is this tool usually used in the automobile and some other manufacturing industry, name of the invention carry a word "Ball". Id the invention 
- Ball Bearing 

11) Logo of which sugar brand? 

- Balrampur 

12) It is an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content was founded by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, and several others. Id which company ? 
- Tripadvisor 

13) Which country run campaign, held under the slogan ‘Your Child in Gold,’ with the aim of spreading awareness to families about the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In which the top winners will be those who lose the most weight during the month-and-a-half long programme  where registered participants have to lose a minimum of two kilograms to win gold, and will receive a gram of gold in return for every kilogram lost. Which country is this 
- Dubai 

14) Friday Dressing is concept of which apparel brand 
- Allen Solly 

15) It is  brand of _______ ? 

- Huggies 

16) Which airline was carved out of a defunct airline, Royal Airways, and given a completely different face in 2005. Which Airline is this TATA was also having some stake in it once ? 

17) Graham Wulff  a chemist created what as a gift for his wife after his wife frustration with the thick, waxy beauty creams that came in shoe-polish tins. Id the brand ? 
- Olay  

18) Id who 

- Harsimrat Kaur, Food Processing Minister

19) Id who ? 
- Vishal Sikka 

Contributed by: Hitesh Kamboj 

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Q.No 1 This gentleman namely Johan something whose surname is quite famous and associated with a moped company India?


Q 2 What beer brand founded as the Osaka brwery in 1889 lterally means “morning sun” in Japanese?

Ans)ASAHI beer


Q 4 Which famous 1987 movies has the tagline” A young and impatient stockbroker”?


Q5 Which famous name was inspired from the fact that the first stores resemblance the boudoirs (Bedroom) of a 19th century monarch who was a notorious prude?

Ans) Victoria Secret

Q 6  Which popular term originated in the 1980s when accounting practices would retailers traditionally operated at a financial loss for most of the year (January through November) and made their profit during the holiday season, beginning on the day after Thanksgiving.?

Ans)Black Friday

Round - 2 

Q1 The salesman once got into trouble when the pen he handed over an insurance applicant gushed out ink .In 1883 ,at the age of 46 ,he came up with a pen applying the principles of capillary action?



ANS)Somnay Tiles

Q3) This company courted controversy for the North Korea –mocking movie “The Interview” which  had "touched a nerve" within the North Korean government, as they are "notoriously paranoid about perceived threats to their safety." The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the state news agency of North Korea, reported that their government promised "stern" and "merciless" retaliation if the film was released.The next month, North Korea's United Nations ambassador Ja Song-nam condemned the film, describing its production and distribution as "an act of war" and because of Kim's assassination in the film,"the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism". The Guardian described Song-nam's comments as "perfect publicity for the movie.Name the company.


Q4 The TATA company’s “PARADOX PANEL “ think tank publishes the Millema Paradox Quarterly?


Q5) Whose joint -venture is this?

Ans)Volvo-eicher motors

Q6) Which famed investors in 1932 bequeathed his house and$2 million endowment to the University of Rochester ,donated a large sum of money to the dental dispensaries across the city and left $200,000 for his beloved Elle?

Ans)George Eastman

Q7) Siriux Cybernatics corporation produces various products like Nutrimatics Drinks,Dispenser,Kill-o-zap,blaker pistol,crisis Inducer,Joo janta,Zoo super-chromatic .Percil sensitive sunglasses and towels .where would one regularly finds this company?

Ans) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Q8) Who owns this company?(extremely famous company)

Ans)TATA Group



Q 10 What term derives itself from 15th century   from the Netherlands , when workers would throw their sabots (wooden shoes) into the wooden gears of the textile looms to break the cogs, fearing the automated machines would render the human workers obsolete?


Q11 Kareena  Kapoor endorses this brand with adline
“’Inside Walaah Snaan”



Q1 In 1962 ,which brand became the first Swiss Watchmaker in space when John Glenn wore its stopwatch when the piloted the Mercury Atlas 6 space craft on the first US manned sspace flight to the earth?

Ans”)Tag Heur

Q2) Connect(give me a specific connect)


Q3 Which prominent angel investors of silicon valley has invested in more than 100 startups including flickr,Groupon,Zynga has done his Masters in Philosophy from Oxford University and had his own start-up SOCIAL .NET ,a social media site that predated Facebook by years?

Ans)Reid Hofmann




ANS) She is first Islamic Superwomen from MARVEL comics. 

Contributed by : Rashmi Ranjan Swain


1)Name the internet company that launched the “LOOK UP” campaign?

2)Which automobile brand derives name from an animal whose scientific name is “Panthera onca”?

3)This company which is one of the largest player in the construction and infrastructure industry launched their brand Oris in the consumer electrical space in 2013?

4)Identify this person or which group he heads (HINT-this person heads a footwear company) 

   Ans) khadims

5)The company has launched a carpooling app called Ryde.Unlike some of its competition like Bla Bla cars and Tripda.Ryde offers both Intracity and Inter-city rides?
Ans) ibibo

6)Identify the organisation whose new rebranding logo is this(hint- aluminium).


7)This began as Shriram fibres in1970 when the parent company DCM decided to setup a separate entity to manufacture nylon type cord fibres?
Ans) SRF

8) Identify this person or which company did he belonged to ?(who went on to Pakistan and part of a respectable company from India)


9)Aerospatale and Aerotalia merged this two separate but similar regional aircraft merges into a single effort in 1981.what was formed?

10)Identify this businessman in India.

Ans)Dilip Ray

11)Identify the person who is currently holding a portfolio in India Government.


12)Whose new branding is this?

Ans)Air India

13)WROGN is a brand from which celebrity?
Ans)Virat Kohli

14)Which pharma company was named after the Saldhana Brothers?

15)David McConnell , a bookseller turned perfume entrepreneur on 1888 would offer women the opportunity to create and manage their own business through what taker became known as direct selling .Name the business he created?

16)Whose logo is this?

Ans)National Egg Coordination Committee

17)Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhatia founded this radio cab service?
Ans) OLA cab

18)This brand was launched in Thailand as a soap where King Ramanna V asked Unilever to supply his household with soap. Name the brand. (name derives from valour or vigour).
Ans) Vim

19)It was patented in 1902 by Fredrick  William Lanchester and used successfully on Lanchester car Italian company BremboSPA is one of the largest manufacturer of the part?
Ans) Disc Brake

20)Identify the company whose new logo is this?


Contributed by:  Rashmi Ranjan Swain

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Business Quiz Set- 66

1) X was originally intended to facilitate reparations imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles after World War I. The need to establish a dedicated institution for this purpose was suggested in 1929 by the Hilton Young Committee and his recommendation was accepted to set up X in 1930. ID what came in existence?  
Bank for International Settlements

2) Id this new venture? 

Living Foodz, venture of Essel Group 

3) Getit Infomedia had launched X first campaign in 2013-14 with Ranbir Kapoor positioning the brand as "baap of all app" recently they have come up with the new campaign that and positioning itself as "baap of all trend" What I am talking about?  


4) What is this, placed in service by the East Indian Railway Company in West Bengal, where it hauled troop trains during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Later it was discontinued in 1909. It was returned to commercial service again after 88 years certified by the Guinness Book of Records  as being the world's oldest one in regular operation after being restored as a luxury train. Id what has been talked about which is bestowed heritage status by Indian govt. & as a national treasure? 

 The Fairy Queen

5) This California-based beverage brand founded in early 1990's designates its employees as "ministers", customer as "citizens" and retail outlets as "embassies". Which beverage brand is this founded by Mel and Patricia Ziegler (founder of 'Banana Republic')? 

. The Republic of Tea

6) William H. McMasters who was hired by an Italian businessman, who later realise his client X is a fraudster, he wrote a scathing expose for "The Boston Post"  to expose X. The newspaper received the 1921 Pulitzer Prize for this coverage. Id who was expose by this man William McMaster? 

Charles Ponzi. 

7) Id the product by whom? 

 Nourish Co. (A TATA & Pepsi JV) 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Business Quiz Set - 65

1) After creating a strong network of schools in the Gulf Arab states, in 2000 he established an international education company and opened kindergarten-to-grade-12 schools in India, Pakistan and in UK. Who is this also ambassador to UNESCO from India? 
Sunny Varkey, founded  GEMS Education

2) He started his career in 1974 with Kee Pharma, working as a medical representative. In 1975, he joined Lupin & worked there as first line manager for almost 8 years and later started his own company 'Bestochem' in partnership. In 1994, he withdrew his ownership from Bestochem and in mid 1990's he founded X along with his younger brother with an investment of 50 lakh. Which Delhi-based company  is this targeted the country’s rural and small town market by selling its product at “pocket friendly prices”.  Id the company he founded?  
R C Juneja  CEO & founded Mankind Pharma

3) "The Big Day" a documentary made by famous French director Pascal Plisson is inspired by ________ ? 
- Super 30 by Anand Kumar

4) How we know such fund which are put aside to make use when required but such funds are used for improper uses like bribes or for an illegitimate purpose specially by governments officers or large corporations (ex: an officer using donations money to pay for personal expenses.)  What is the term used for such fund, which was coined in the 17th century in England, first-time term appeared in a publication "Rural Economy in Yorkshire" by Henry Best? 
Slush Fund

5) Which institution motto is this "Building peace in the minds of men and women" ? 

6) On a trip to England with his father, X visited a hairbrush factory. He bought two discarded machines from the factory for £4,000. He came back to India and started his own business of manufacturing toothbrushes. The company went on to become the largest supplier of toothbrushes in the country supplying to the top-notch brands like Colgate Palmolive. X sold the company in 2004 at a profit. 
   Currently, focusing on private equity on strategic investments and philanthropy and having investment  in e-commerce ventures include, and in the process of developing an e-shopping website for furniture as well. He has also forayed into online education with UpGrad recently. Id Who am I talking about? 
Ronnie  Screwvala

7) Which company logo is this started by a couple in Minnesota, whose slogan is "Life is short. Stay awake for it"?

- Caribou Coffee Company


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Business Quiz Set - 64

1) Which company  in-house brands are Rangmanch, Trishaa, Akkriti, Ajile, Honey, Chalk, Mini Klup which opened its business in 1997 in Kolkata ? 
 Pantaloons (formerly of Future Group, now owned by The Aditya Birla Group)

2) What are Barometer Stock ? 
 A security whose performance is considered to be an indicator of the performance of its particular sector or industry, or the market as a whole

3) Which retail store was founded by Mr.Selvarathinam in Chennai in late 1990's, which is today largest family owned business retail chain in India. According to Kishore Biyani,  it is India’s No 1 retail store in one locality. Which retail chain is this entered in ice cream business in mid 2000's under brand name "Jamai" ? 
Saravana Stores

4) Who Quoted these line about the American economy in 2008, "The federal government is sending each of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money goes to China. If we spend it on gasoline it goes to the Arabs. If we buy a computer it will go to India. If we purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. If we purchase a good car it will go to Germany. If we purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan and none of it will help the American economy. The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it on prostitutes and beer, since these are the only products still produced in US ?
Marc Faber

5) Connect ? 

Versace ( 1st pic is of Elizabeth Hurley, the brand gained widespread international coverage due to the "Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley".  Sunland Group built Luxury Hotel  and named after Versace brand & last one is movie House of Versace tell the story about the brand. 

6) Which London based Group founded in mid 1910's, started out as a moneylender before expanding the business to include imports of dried fruit, jute, textiles and tea. The business grew steadily under the late shah of Iran as they were having large presence in Iran and continued to flourish even after Islamic Revolution forced it to move to Europe. It is now a multibillion-dollar energy, transport, media and agriculture conglomerate. The company had been in a bidding war to acquire the Express Newspapers group, and is one of several bidders for Go, British Airways’ low-cost airline. Id which famous conglomerate having large presence in India also ? 
Hinduja Group 

7) Whose initiative is this (logo below) recently announced to come in the Indian Real Estate business ? 

Steve Waugh Foundation.