Thursday, 26 March 2015

TATA CRUCIBLE Chandigarh Final 2015

Wild Card Round 

1 What began as a short-lived venture called Control Video Corporation (or CVC), founded      by Bill von Meister.


2 Sports Illustrated owned by which news magazine ?


4 Viv Richard remain brand ambassador of which fabric brand ?


5 which Indian state CM was employee of TATA Steel?

-Arvind Kejriwal

6 Which electronics giant started in1946, whose first product was Rice Cooker ? 



1 Bangalore-based digital publisher EC Media International launched WINK that not only supports 15 languages but will also offer over 200,000 book titles on debut. What is WINK? 

-India first e-book reader

2 The idea of this was  conceptualised to combat Radio Ceylon in 1957.[2]Within no time it proved to be a popular channel of every household. So this was channel was launched on October 2, 1957. What was introduced ?

-Vivid Bharti 

3 CCTV camera used for first time installed in India in 1972 in Bombay in which sports?

-Hoarse Racing 

4  Question on Royal Canadian Mint released commemorative coins celebrating the 75th anniversary  of creation of SUPER MAN. 

5 connect 

-Tata Chemical 

6 ID the device, which name is named after a Greek God of Dream

-Sony Project Morpheus (virtual reality)

7 These shoe share its name with which institution?

- Oxford Shoes

8 Protomax, Glory, Ding Dong, Stunner, Dazzler, Onax, Krypton, Pulse Junior are all product of Stryder. What are these are and which company own them ?

- Tata, bycycle

9 A business tactic involving the sale of dependent goods for different prices - one good is sold at a discount, while the second dependent good is sold at a considerably higher price.

-Gillete Razor Model 

9 This is an asset-management and valuation method that assumes that assets produced or acquired last are the ones that are used, sold or disposed of first. How we know such method ?

-FIFO method  first-in, first-out

10 ID What concept TATA is offering? 

-Taj Safari 

11 Riyaz was originally an Italian company who first brought the idea in India originated in Italy in a place called Nocera Umbra from a spring called Angelica. In 1965, it was introduced in Mumbai in two varieties - bubbly & _______. Id the brand ?


12 Question on Pioneer newspaper Rudyard Kipling used to work in this as assistant editor .

13 Question on Ford Credit Payment System 

14 Connect 

-Hero Motor 

15 Who are two brother started this newspaper in 1880 ?

-Wright Bro 

TATA CRUCIBLE Chandigarh Campus 2015 Prelim

1 This is a kind of ownership interest that is created as a direct result of hard work by the owner(s). It is the preferred mode of building equity for cash-strapped entrepreneurs in their start-up ventures. What is the term used for such share awarded to the owner for their effort ?

-SWEAT equity 

2)  id the campaign 


3) Which company was founded by Ranbir and Gurbax singh, name of this company was derived from the founder name?


4 Which Hong Kong headquartered airline has loyalty program called 'Marco Polo Club'?

- Cathy Pacific 

5 id the personality

- David Ogilvy obsession with advertising 

6 This magazine was founded in 1883 in New York, whose motto was "While there’s Life, there's hope."  I was bought by TIME magazine in 1936. Its online version was launched on March 31, 2009 and closed on 2012. Id which magazine it is?


7 id  personality 

- Nirmala Sitaraman pic  

8 Whose venture is this 

- Kumar Sangakara and Jaywardhana 

9 Old Spice is brand of which company ?

- P&G

10 id the brand 


11 Question on Barcelona city 

12 Petroliam Nasional Berhad, is company of which country?


13 Jan Koum Is the CEO of this company which has been acquired by Facebook recently?

-Whats app

14 Aniruddha Bahal worked as a journalist and editor for India Today and Outlook. In 1999, he along with Tarun Tejpal co-founded Tehelka. Later he founded online media company named after a reptile?


15 Which social networking service with a strong music emphasis, owned by Specific Media LLC and Justin Timberlake.   It was founded by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson and was launched in July 2003. 

- Myspace 

16 Id campaign of 

-Royal Enfield campaign 

17 Id central bank of which nation ?

-Sweden bank logo 

18) Which company has introduced the first Seat Belt?

- Volvo 

19) id the brand ? 

- Vistara 

Overall Cut off for Wild Card Round was 15. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Business Quiz Set - 47

1) A long time back IRCTC did a alliance with SBI and came up with this credit card for there passenger. Simply tell me Who designed these credit card ?

- R.K Luxman

*2)  After he returned to India in 1985 to head Ambassador Sky Chef  (air catering division of the Ambassador Group of Hotels). In 1992, he joined the Taj Group of Hotels as head of the air catering division. During his association with Taj Air Caterers he designed and set up their air catering facilities  and was responsible for turning around Taj Air Caterers from a loss making to a highly profitable division of the Taj Group. By 1996, X actively embarked on establishing his own food service and hospitality brand  in India. Who I am talking about and name his hospitality chain ?

Sanjay Narang of Mars Hospitality Group
3) C. Rajagopalachari when he was CM of Madras in British India in late 1930's, he was first person to introduce Prohibition Act in India but this cause huge loss in revenue to Government, to offset the loss of revenue he introduced something which was welcomed by many economists through out the country. Tell me what did he introduce first time in India ?
Sales Tax

4) Connect ?

Kings XI Punjab; Title Sponsor - Tata Motors Prima, Online Partner -, Co-owners - Preity Zinta and Dabur’s Mohit Burman

5) This is a deceptive business practice used by a company to inflate its sales and earnings figures by deliberately sending retailers along its distribution channel more products than they are able to sell to the public. What term is referred for such business practices ?  

Channel Stuffing

*6) Connect to a brand ?
Crompton Greaves, (Part of Avantha Group(logo Shown), Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton (Photo Shown) ,logo of their CSR programme).

7) This entity formed by Greece Govt. way back in 1950's and served as a national brand of this nation until 1957 when it was acquired by shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. Id this entity logo given below ? 

Olympic Airlines

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Business Quiz Set - 46

1) Launched in 2012, with the theme 'World Tour' and it has featured 21 cities like NewYork, Rio de Janeiro, Sudney, Rome, Tokyo, Miami, Mumbai since its conception. Id the game founded by Denmark based company which include character like Edison, Eddy, Tony, Lucy, Alex etc 
- Subway Sufer 

2) Albion Sports in Australia is the only manufacturer of this and right of it has been held by "Australian Cricket Board" What is this I am talking about having enormous value there ?
 Baggy Green worn by the Australian Test cricketers

3) This biographical drama film based on an American entrepreneur, investor depicting his struggle to become a famous stockbroker while managing his fatherhood & homelessness. Id the person has been portrayed in this movie ? 

- Chris Gardner 

4) He is the founder of famous business magazine first published in late 1970's, Id him and magazine ?

 - Ashok Hotchand Advani of Business India Group

5) In Oct 1977, a post office was started in one of the village of Bikaner district. The postmaster was given 80 rupees extra every month than the normal budget in form of maintenance allowance. Id why this 80 rupees were given to the post office which grabbed much media attention in those days as it was first of kind of experiment done by India Post Office?
Mobile Camel Post office

*6) What is this business model created by A. Fluegelman for IBM in early 1980's which he described it as "an experiment in economics more than altruism" and how we know this commonly in this world ?
  Shareware business model for software marketing sometime also refer as Free Trail. 

7) It is mostly known as the predecessor of Wikipedia (logo of this given below), which had a seven-step approval process to control content of articles before being posted rather than live wiki-based updating. Id this entity ?

- Neopedia

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Business Quiz Set - 45

1) After graduation he joined Maruti Suzuki where he worked for 5 year. Later he joined MBA programme while pursuing his MBA he launched his venture 'Aquabrim' a water solution company which is still in operation. Later in 2012 he launched something along with some of his friends which is today well known online brand in India. Id what did he started ? 
- Jabong Praveen Sinha 

2) It adv by which company ? 

- Bombay Dying

3) This person who started X in 1928. He is considered pioneere of organised distribution chain in India. He started distribution of wide range of products and brands like Cadbury, Kiwi, Kraft, Sunlight, Lifebuoy, Lux, Ponds, Brylcreem, Kellogg's, Horlicks, Sheaffer & many more.  

Today this group spans 30 product categories with 7 group companies and a turnover that crosses 30 Billion rupees. ID which business house in India, named after its founder ? 


4) Which company was started by all of them ? 

- United Artist ( Douglas FairbanksMary Pickford,Charlie Chaplin, and D. W. Griffith)

5) This award is given for Interactive advertising, Online movie and video's etc. This award is famous for a unique tradition followed by its recipient in their speeches. Some of the speeches delivered on this award are as follows :- 

"Made possible by Mitt Romney." - Obama 

"Curiosity kills ignorance. Encourage Science." -- NASA's Curiosity Rover.
"F--k yeah. F--k yeah. F--k." -Tumblr

Id the award and what is this unique tradition ? 

- Webby award, 5 word speech  

6) Connect to fashion brand ? 
- DNKY, Brand owned by LMVH, having venture with DLF in India and Donna Karan founder of the brand. 

7) These are the lines from a poem of James E. Flecker. Title of a famous biography is taken from this poem which is blanked in the visual below. Give me this title which has been blanked ?
-  Beyond the last blue mountain, A Life of JRD Tata by R.M.Lala

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Business Quiz Set 44

1) This was first introduced in late 1880's by Dr G. Raupenstrauch to assist in eradicate cholera epidemic in Germany. In 1918 during the Spanish Flu Pandemic this was adv as an effective countermeasure to the influenza virus. some resources, it was also used as a birth control measure. What is this I am talking about which is owned by R&B which is one of the largest player in its market ?  
- Lysol 

2) Miller Life Beer commemorating 110 years of its brand along with X by introducing these beer cans. Id what is X ?  
- Harley Davidson 

3) Which currency is named after a waterfall which  meaning is "Ridge of White Waters" in English located in "Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden". Id the currency ? 
- Rand Currency 

4 ) The Brazilian Senate approved a bill in 2012 which was nick named 'Budweiser Bill'. What is this Bill all about ? 
Budweiser is a major Soccer World Cup sponsor, as the sale of alcohol inside stadiums was barred in Brazil so to allow alcohol inside stadium this bill was passed to allow Budweiser to sell its product.

5) Where would you find these mark ?
-  Mark found in Indian currency notes for visually impaired persons

6) This is an US based fast food restaurant chain founded in 1921 generally credited as the 1st fast food chain in US. It is well known for its four square hamburger sometime referred it as "Slyder". In 2014 Time magazine labelled X burgers to be most influential burger of all time. Success of this restaurants made many imitators to start their own restaurant chain with similar name and copied its distinctive architecture of X building.  Id which restaurant chain it is ? 
- White Castle

7) Which famous brand changed its logo to this animated one in 2007 for three month to promote its children segment product in this stores ?
- HMV ( His Master Voice)