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Business Quiz Set- 62

1) X is a chain of department stores operating throughout Great Britain. which opened in 1864 in Oxford Street. X price list was used by House of Commons officials to determine whether an expense claim item submitted by an MP was within reasonable cost. As X list was prepared on the bases of prices of items of X store and amount used to be reimburse accordingly. Id this departmental store using slogan "Never Knowingly Undersold" which has been in use since 1925 ? 
John Lewis its list is known as John Lewis List 

2) Who in India having Tag line "99% Fun in 1% land" ?

3) This company was founded in 1870's by an Austrian immigrant John Michael when he acquired the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry from his father-in-law for $5K. Some of its early products included cast iron and steel farm implements, ornamental iron pieces including cemetery crosses etc. The company major break through came in 1883 when they were working on an iron horse trough and got an idea to create X products and have been in its business since then. The company is also in hospitality business  operates a resort  in US called "The American Club" . Id which company ? 
- Kohler 

4) Who has opened its demat account with Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) with a/c number allotted to it "1601010000384828"  to accept donations in form of share & securities ? 
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD)

5) X is a brand name in its category, Y an Italian machinery which own the right of this trade name all over the world. The name of X derived from a river which run adjacent to it production site. In 1970's Govt. of India bought the machinery design & copyright and started manufacturing  it under the name 'Vijay' and improved version which fall in different segment under the name 'Vikram' for domestic market. Id what I am talking, which was designed by D'Ascanio and brought the revolution in the industry ? 
Lambretta motor scooters by Innocenti

 6) Tata Steel entered into an agreement with Stewarts & Lloyds of UK to manufacture and sell ____, made from steel supplied by the Tata Iron & Steel Company in India. In 1985  ____ merged with the Tata Steel and now a Strategic business Unit of it. Name the company.
 - Indian Tube Company 

7) Id logo of which entity ?
 - Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE)



Anonymous said...

Sent by Sumanth Patlolla

1) John Lewis
2) Lakshadweep
3) The Kohler Company
4) Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD)
5) Lambretta motor scooters by Innocenti
6) The Indian Tube Company (ITC) merged with Tata Steel to
form the Tata Steel - Tubes Division
7) Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE)

Delectable Debonair said...

1) John Lewis
2) Lakshadweep
3) Kohler company
4) Tirupati Balaji
5) Lambretta, Vespa
6) Indian Tube Company
7) Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Raj

1. John Lewis.
2. Lakshadweep Tourism.
3. The Kohler Company.
4. Tirupati Balaji Temple.
5. X: Lambretta, Y: Innocenti.
6. Indian Tube Company , now The Tubes Strategic Business Unit (SBU).
7.Calcutta Stock Exchange.

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Kumar

John Lewis Chain of Stores
Lakshadweep Tourism
Kohler Company
Lord Tirupati Balaji
He helped in Designing Vespa. Brought revolution in Scooters.
Tubes, Indian Tube Company
Calcutta (Kolkata) Stock Exchange

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