Monday, 24 November 2014

Business Quiz Set- 33

1)This company was started in 1918, as a  vendor of duplex lamp sockets, company used to sell its product under the brand name  "National" until 2008. In 2008 it changed it name to something else by which we know it today Id which brand is this ?
- Panasonic 

2) Who is this person & What legacy has he left behind ?

- Qimat Rai Gupta (Havells)

*3) Connect to a company founded in 1945, which became the first of its kind of company in Asia to provide one of essential services in India ?

Kamani Engineering Corporation Limited, first electric power transmission company in Asia

*4) X Stock Exchange was established in 1991 as a vehicle to implement the government's plan for privatisation of large state-owned enterprises. As every person had the right to own company in this country. Govt introduced voucher system  which were issued to nearly 2 million of its citizens who were of aged one or older than that. Auction of share started a year later, 1st day trading started with the turnover of 16,000 share . By 2010 this stock exchange was the world best performing stock exchange and in 2011 it was ranked secound best perfoming stock exchange in the world. Id which country stock exchange is this ? 
Mongolian Stock Exchange

5) Connect to a brand ?

- Zomato,Earlier known as FoodiEbay, Yuri Miller recently invested in this, Sanjeev Bikhchandani own share in this company through InfoEdge, first acquition. 

6) What is this communication app introduced in March 2014 which first became popular in in Iraq following government restrictions on internet use and thereafter during the Hong Kong protests as this app don't need internet to work. Id which app is this known as "mesh network" among its user ?
- Firechat

7 ) Id this Govt entity by its logo founded back in 1972 ? 

- General Insurance Company 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Business Quiz Set - 32

1)  How we know such strategy when a firm, to avoid the competion concentrate on innovation or doing a business in unknown industry where no firms operate in so that they can expand freely without competition. How we know such strategy ?
- Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and RenĂ©e Mauborgne

2) What product idea was this, conceived by a salesman working in "Crown Cork and Seal Compny"  when he noticed bottle caps are always thrown away after bottle is used. And he recognized the opportunity in  a business of X product which is used a few times, then tossed away. Id the what came in existence which today has become a general need of everyone ?
- Saftey Razor by King C. Gillette

*3) This certification programme was introduced in France in 1985 as a pilot scheme in which French municipalities of different-2 region were awarded with this certification on the basis of sewage treatment, water quality provided by them to their citizen. Today this certification is awarded in which field on the basis of somehow similar to the earlier standard ? 
Blue Flag certification for beaches.

4) Variey of its product are sold under X  trademark  in India which is owned by a Govt entity, there are around 90 trademarks which have been registered under X name within India.  A German based company has also registered its product under X name in several EU countries and US which sells Shampoos, soap, oil, gel etc under this brand name. Id what trademark is this  Indian govt. set to dispute over it?
- Khadi

5) This first of its kind of entity were set up in Calcutta, Madras and Bombay in 1857. About a decade later demand rose for another one such entity in Lahore. But for years, the government kept putting off this proposal. So the people decided to raise money for this. Local rajas, doctors, lawyers, students, shopkeepers - all chipped in "Gullaks (piggy banks) were placed outside ration shops in which people would drop money” around 10K rupee was raised by this process. And It was first of its kind entity in the India estd in 1882. Tell me what I am talking about ?
- Punjab University 

*6) While Studing at Lehigh Univerity, he did modelling, he got  an offer of a role in a television crime serial 'Crime Scene Investigation' which he declined and programmed proved to be worldwide hit. When he was studing, he built a gadget with the help of his friend that fixed a nagging problem in cola dispensers as those who operate this dispensers never knew when the cola syrup inside the machine run out unless they opened it later X fixed this problem by giving a beep gadeget. And sold this device to the Coca-Cola. Tell me who is this model, innovator, owner of a Tenis sport team in India and executive of a company ? 
Mittu Chandilya, the CEO of AirAsia India

7) Id this how we know this entity today ?

- CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Business Quiz Set-31

*1) Which mythical figure is this first time appeared in poetry of Phillis Wheatley in mid 1770's. Later the name of this figure rapidly came to be applied to many iteams, institution and brand which reflect American Identity. Id what historical firgure is this ? 

2) In 2008, a request was made to advertise, Viagra with the slogan "We are 10 years old – _______ is 90. Which was turned down. Id to whom this offer was made to ? 
 Nelson Mandela

3)   Which hospitality chain founded in 1909 named after a 17th-century French explorer, which was later bought by the Carlson group in 1962 ? 
-  Radisson Hotel 

*4) Id which France based fashion brand is named after him ? 

Dior Fashion House named after Christian Dior 

5) Who 

 Lee Iacocca

6) This product was originally part of the Borden Company, which was its first no food consumer product introduced in 1947. Which is made from a proteins commonly found  in milk. The brand was named after a bull who was the mate of Borden adv mascot "Elsie the Cow". Id what product is this which is the best selling iteam in US ?
-  Elmer Glue 

7) Id this company founded as "The National Press" in 1915. The company started as a printer and publisher of newspaper and magazines ? 
 - Nasper