Sunday, 27 April 2014

Business Quiz Set-11

1) In one of its marketing strategy this product was specially designed for every American soldier in WW-II, with ads touting on it “every man in khaki ought to have one". In response, US Govt gave order of 36 million of its product. What ?
- Gillette 

2) This was the mascot (in pic) for this brand in 1950s. Which used to give its viewers lessons about how to plan successful parties and picnics by having a plenty of __________ in hand. Id the brand it was mascot of ? 
- 7Up

3)  This Financial company launched one of the first mutual funds in India in 1994. However, its poor performance set back the mutual fund industry in India by a few years. Name the company I am talking about ?
- Moragan Stanley 

4) Which famous beer brand consistently promote by saying "Probably the best beer in the world" ? 
- Carlsberg  

5) There is a little bit of _________ in everybody life. Punchline of which company. Fill in the blank ?

6) Name the hotel chain that was founded by Kemmons Wilson following disappointing experiences at hotels during a vacation he took in the 1950's in the US. The name of the hotel was taken from a famous Bing Crosby movie?
- Holiday Inn

7) He started his working career as a chef, later as a salesman for cooking stoves, and entered the world of advertising only in his late thirties, but soon became a legend in the ad world. Name him.
- David Ogilvy

8) What investment strategy was first taught by Ben Graham and David Dodd at Columbia Business School way back in 1928, which is used aggressively by stock broker today ? 
- "Buy Cheap Sell High" or "Value Investing"

9) Lester Wonderman known for giving what marketing concept to this world ?
- Direct Marketing 

10) This company (in pic), Founded by some  IIMs alumni in 1987, first Indian  multinational manufacturing organisation to produce what ?
- Zipper manufacturing organisation. 

[This quiz set is dedicated to my Dear Uncle who is no more with us today, a small homage from a quizzer to him, I hope in any world you are today, would be living in better & in great way].  

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Business Quiz Set-10

1) Which famous company was founded in 1982 by Mitch Kapor and Jonathan Sachs with the name drawn from a word in transcendental meditation in which the founder Mitch Kapor was involved ? 
- Lotus Development Corporation (Now Lotus Software owned by IBM). 

2) Which famous Indian company was founded by Mohan Advani in 1943. In its early stage company ventured into the manufacturing of ice candy machines and bottle coolers.  In 1970, the Company took up the all-India distributorship of Hewlett-Packard products, a business relationship which continues today. Id which Indian company ?
- Blue star 

3) Which famous brand is endorsed by the following sportspersons among others: Sachin Tendulkar, Anna Kournikova, Ato Bolden and Martina Hingis?
- Adidas 

4) Whose motto is this One World. One Internet ?

5) What is SlashDot effect ?
- When a popular website links to a smaller site, causing a massive increase in traffic and overload result in crash the smaller site. 

6) Which company’s corporate responsibility mission is “Commitment to Playing Responsibly”?
- Mattel, the world’s largest toy maker. 
7) The first of its kind built in 1954 in suburban Detroit by 'Victor Gruen' and later was seen as the future of American Consumer. What came in Existence ?
- First Shopping Mall 

8) This product was first made for the women in 1937 and later for men in 1938. This was manufactured by the Shulton Company that was founded  by William Lightfoot Schultz. Today this brand is owned by P&G. Id brand I am talking about ? 
-Old Spice

9) Which music company was founded by two brothers, Ramesh Taurani and Kumar Taurani, in the late 1970s when they were dealers in LPs for leading music companies?
- Tips 

10) Expand the acronym 
- Food Safety and standard Authority of India

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Business Quiz Set - 9

1) This famous pain-killer was introduced in 1933 by Roche and is currently marketed in India by Nicholas Piramal. Name the brand?
- Seridon

2) Established in 1788, it is one of the world's oldest companies, and was taken over in 1982 by the Murugappa Group. Which company are we referring to?
- EID Parry

3) Which German company traced its roots to a sewing machine manufacturer to manufacturing bicycles in 1886 and produced its first automobile in 1899 ?

4) George Silverman, a psychologist, pioneered this marketing concept, when he created this he called it "teleconferenced peer influence groups" this concept first used to engage physicians in dialogue about new pharmaceutical products. What marketing concept came in existence ? 
- Word of Mouth 

5) Which Indian  brand coming up with this concept which allows its customers to make their order online and pick it up later from store. And they called this "OOPS" (order online and pick up at store) ?

6) The first of its kind were made from hand-sewn silk muslin and was patented in 1903. First appearing commercially around 1904. It was successfully marketed by a merchant Thomas Sullivan of New York, who shipped his around the world. What product is this has been talked about ? 
- Tea Bag 

7) Which state owned company founded in 1952 derived its logo from the chariot wheel of  Konark sun temple  ?
- Indian Airline (re-branded in 2005 as Indian later merged with Air India) 

8) What is the brand of Penguin books specifically targeted at children called?
- Puffin Books

9) 'We call him a _____________ for want of a better description. But his blood isn't blue. He may look like royalty, but he isn't royal.' These are the words of Bobby Kooka about whom ?
- Maharajah (Air India mascot) 

10) Id the book is about which US corporation written by William Pelfrey? 

- General Motors )Billy is William Durant  and Alfred Sloan and GM). 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Business Quiz Set- 8

1) "Monetary Hawk and Monetary Dove" are the term commonly used in the US to describe members and nominees of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (In UK and Indian even). What these term depict ? 
- Tell the priority of the nominees are either they interested in reducing Inflation or reducing 
Unemployment. ("dove" more concerned with unemployment than with inflation & vice-versa).  

2) "Parivar" is the in house magazine of which corporation ? 

3) Which Investment bank founded in 1869, pioneered the use of  Commercial Paper since 1869 ?
- Goldman Sach 

4) In 1960s, Which Indian company was among the first companies in the country to launch  
"Management Trainee programme" ?
- India Pistons 

5) Connect ?

-Morgan Stanley. Company formed by JP Morgan Partners, Its founder Harold  Stanley and Henry Morgan and book is about removal of its CEO.                     

6) Which Hong Kong-based hospitality firm got its name from a fictional place situated in Tibet 
mountains in an English novel "Lost Horizon"? 
- Shangri-la

7) The Gongman (also known as the "man-with-the-gong") is a trademark of which British 
entertainment conglomerate ?
- Rank Organisation 

8) Which Internet search engine's name literally means `view from above' and was originally owned by Digital Equipment Corporation's and later by Compaq?
- AltaVista

9) Which body govern the "Employee's Provident Fund Organisation of India" (EPFO) ?
-  Central Board of Trustee 

10) Id the campaign by ?
- Campaign for Polio-Free India by JWT and Rotary International.