Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Business Quiz Set-10

1) Which famous company was founded in 1982 by Mitch Kapor and Jonathan Sachs with the name drawn from a word in transcendental meditation in which the founder Mitch Kapor was involved ? 
- Lotus Development Corporation (Now Lotus Software owned by IBM). 

2) Which famous Indian company was founded by Mohan Advani in 1943. In its early stage company ventured into the manufacturing of ice candy machines and bottle coolers.  In 1970, the Company took up the all-India distributorship of Hewlett-Packard products, a business relationship which continues today. Id which Indian company ?
- Blue star 

3) Which famous brand is endorsed by the following sportspersons among others: Sachin Tendulkar, Anna Kournikova, Ato Bolden and Martina Hingis?
- Adidas 

4) Whose motto is this One World. One Internet ?

5) What is SlashDot effect ?
- When a popular website links to a smaller site, causing a massive increase in traffic and overload result in crash the smaller site. 

6) Which company’s corporate responsibility mission is “Commitment to Playing Responsibly”?
- Mattel, the world’s largest toy maker. 
7) The first of its kind built in 1954 in suburban Detroit by 'Victor Gruen' and later was seen as the future of American Consumer. What came in Existence ?
- First Shopping Mall 

8) This product was first made for the women in 1937 and later for men in 1938. This was manufactured by the Shulton Company that was founded  by William Lightfoot Schultz. Today this brand is owned by P&G. Id brand I am talking about ? 
-Old Spice

9) Which music company was founded by two brothers, Ramesh Taurani and Kumar Taurani, in the late 1970s when they were dealers in LPs for leading music companies?
- Tips 

10) Expand the acronym 
- Food Safety and standard Authority of India

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