Sunday, 27 March 2016

Business Quiz - 79

1)  It was known by the code name "Revolution" until 2006 later they changed its name as it is not an ideal name, its long and in some culture its hard to pronounce. So changed to something which is short and easy to remember thus they came up with _ _ _ . Two of its lower-case character resemble two people standing side by side (represent user of it). id what I am talking about ? 
Wii gaming console by Nintendo 

2) Id the company named after his Sir name ? 

-   Avis, a car rental company

3) Who is this Indian featured in an advertising campaign of  Adidas alongside David Beckham & Jonny Wilkinson back in 2004 and once again appeared in the ford campaign named "Unlearn" recently ? 
Fauja Singh

4)  Which US based some sort of apparel brand, call its sales force as "Comfort Specialist Consultants" ? 

*5) An American entrepreneur and one of the pioneer and inventor of a beverage which doubled his business in a year but just after that he sold it & its trademark to a Seatle based company in mid-1990's. As the company having no knowledge of mass-produced bottled based drink business and poor distribution channel, they inked a deal with Pepsi to came up with its ready-to-drink version. Id the person in pic & product he invented which is very famous in today world ? 
George Howell, Frappucino

6) This letter went viral written by Charlotte Benjamin’s in early 2014 in which, she complains to X that " there are more ______ boy and barely any _____ girl. Addressing the 'X' she compares  how “all the girls sit at home, got to the beach, and shop, and had no jobs,” while the boy figures “went on adventures, worked, saved people, and had jobs,” adding they “even swam with sharks”. This letter once again in the bring X in the dock over its gender inequality approach. To whom she was addressing to  ? 

7) id the mascot of which famous auto brand ? 

- Buick 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Business Quiz - 78

1) "Make in India" is dream project of NDA govt. which company came up with "Made for India" campaign back in late 2000's? 
- Nokia for its mobile, Nokia- 1100, interestingly Make in India & Made for India campaign are made by one person V Sunil. 

2) It began, in 1979, as a mad idea of starting a cable channel to televise local events throughout the state of Connecticut. Today, X is arguably the most successful network in modern television history, spanning eight channels in the Unites States and around the world. Id the company, I am talking about which history has been chronicled in a book named "These Guys Have all the Fun"?  

3)   This couple raised some fund & opened their first store in San Francisco, selling Levi’s jeans and music records. Id the brand they founded which first to be named as "Pant and Discs" but had to change the name when his wife suggested to call it ______. Id this famous fashion brand they founded?  
The Gap founded by Donald & Doris Fisher

*4)  Idea of this newspaper was conceived by three friends a Journalist, Advocate and Homeopath named 'Theodre La Touche, B. R Chari and Sarojini Naidu’s son,  M.N. Jaisoorya respectively. Id which newspaper came in existence in 1938 which has retained its position as the leading newspaper and has only grown stronger as the ‘people’s paper’?
The Deccan Chronicle

5) What patent was filed by two student of Drexel institute of Tech. in 1949 which IBM refused to buy and make any kind of funding for their project and the patent was later purchased by RCA. What is this, I am talking about which get its peak period in early 1980's when US Army began using it and today Federal Express is the largest user of this. Id what ? 
Barcode by Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland

6) This company was founded by JN Radhakrishna Rao in 1948, as a laboratory as its name suggests in its early period. In Sanskrit company name mean 'drink of Gods. Id the company?   
Amrut Distilleries Ltd

7) Id this Health care, Biotechnology company with the goal of combatting aging and associated diseases and so slogan is "We're tackling aging, one of life's greatest mysteries". Id the company from its logo and its parent company? 
Calico owned by Google

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Business Quiz - 77

1)  This brand was created by Linwood Burton, a marine ship cleaning businessman along with his friend Mathusan Chandramohanrich a rich entrepreneur from Sri Lanka. Later sold to P&G. Id what product is this which became best-selling product in its category within the 6 months of its introduction in late 1950's ? 
Mr. Clean

2)  Industry recognised them as "Advertising Statesmen". Which advertising agency was founded by them in Philadelphia in mid-1923. The Company is responsible for some of the advertising's most memorable pieces such as  "No Rolls-Royce has ever worn out,",  "The Instrument of the Immortals," of Steinway's. Id the company founded by them ?

Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency by  John Orr Young, Raymond Rubicam

3) This is a 3200 kg, 16-foot-long bronze sculpture created by an Italian-American artist & declared it a  symbol of the ''strength and power of the American people.''. Id what I am talking about?
 Charging Bull Sculpture in Lower Manhattan

4) Which air charter company was founded as Megapode Airlines Ltd. in 1993. Later changed its name to X. Id which Airline having its operation on more than a 150 airports in 56 countries? 
Taj Air 

5) Which company named its products after some person, places like it named its 'Bathroom articles' after Scandinavian lakes, rivers and bays. 'Children's items' after mammals, birds. 'Curtain accessories' after mathematical and geometrical terms. 'Kitchen utensils' after foreign words, spices, herbs, fish, mushrooms, fruits or berries. Chairs, Fabrics after men's & women names. 
This system of naming its items is so complex, most of the customer get mystified. To overcome this problem company came up with a more efficient way to decode purchases by providing their own in-house dictionary of its products. ID the company and why they named its product so ? 
 IKEA as founder Ingvar Kampard was suffered from dyslexic so who wanted to avoid relying on numbers.

6) Id which Airline was started by him in 2005 which ceased its operation in 2010 ? 

Paramount Airways

7) Id the logo of which company ? 

TVS Tyres

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Business Quiz - 76

1) Which is this only company in its category to get Superbrand status in India founded in mid-1930's and Sir Noworji Saklatwala served it as a first chairman of this company along with some prominent industrialists who were in board of directors -  J R D Tata, Walchand Hirachand, Akbar Hydari, Sir Homy Mody etc. Id the company? 
-  The Associated Cement Companies Ltd. or ACC Ltd.

*2) Wallis Warfield Simpson was the 1st woman in 1937, Queen Elizabeth II was the 2nd one in the list in 1953, Corazon Aquino (President of the Philippines) was the 3rd  in 1986. Who is 4th woman in the list and what is this all about? 
Angela Merkel in 2015. They are only 4 women named as Times' Person of The Year in the respective years.

3) Which iconic brand has lent its names to some bars and residential projects in the country such as F-Bar and F-Crown home and now set to start Salons/beauty parlour business in India under brand name F-Salons. How do we better know this brand very well which is also working on launching F Accessories includes categories such as semi-precious jewellery, handbags and shoes ? 
Fashion TV

4) In 2012, France imposed a 300% tax on palm oil which consumption was fuelling obesity in youngsters. It is the main ingredient of X and hike in the tax rate caused a mini revolution among its consumer. Later this tax was dubbed X Tax. Again in 2015 France Environment minister had to offer apologies after urging the public to stop eating this as it was causing deforestation. Id this X product ?  

5) X revealed in one of his interview that he had approached the  Duke's, requesting them to share the formula of Y with the promise not to make it in India, which was later turned down. X decided to come up with his own formula which used to contained brominated vegetable oil. After worldwide reports of ill effects of BVO its usages was banned in India and X had to change the formula and reintroduced it. Id what product is this ? 

6) This plant had been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 BC its usages were improving hair growth and body ointments. In India this plant has been documented in 2000 BC and has been used in local medicine (Unani, Ayurvedic etc) since then. Italian dictator Benito Mussolini used these plant as a method to punish his dissidents and opponents who were forced to ingest it in large amount which led to death. According to, 2007 edition of Guinness World Records, this plant is the most poisonous in the world.

   In the business world, a famous brand originated in 1960, named after this plant as its seeds are the main ingredient in its products. ID the company? 
- Castrol from Castor plant 

7) How do we know this brand today? 

-  Zomato