Sunday, 27 March 2016

Business Quiz - 79

1)  It was known by the code name "Revolution" until 2006 later they changed its name as it is not an ideal name, its long and in some culture its hard to pronounce. So changed to something which is short and easy to remember thus they came up with _ _ _ . Two of its lower-case character resemble two people standing side by side (represent user of it). id what I am talking about ? 
Wii gaming console by Nintendo 

2) Id the company named after his Sir name ? 

-   Avis, a car rental company

3) Who is this Indian featured in an advertising campaign of  Adidas alongside David Beckham & Jonny Wilkinson back in 2004 and once again appeared in the ford campaign named "Unlearn" recently ? 
Fauja Singh

4)  Which US based some sort of apparel brand, call its sales force as "Comfort Specialist Consultants" ? 

*5) An American entrepreneur and one of the pioneer and inventor of a beverage which doubled his business in a year but just after that he sold it & its trademark to a Seatle based company in mid-1990's. As the company having no knowledge of mass-produced bottled based drink business and poor distribution channel, they inked a deal with Pepsi to came up with its ready-to-drink version. Id the person in pic & product he invented which is very famous in today world ? 
George Howell, Frappucino

6) This letter went viral written by Charlotte Benjamin’s in early 2014 in which, she complains to X that " there are more ______ boy and barely any _____ girl. Addressing the 'X' she compares  how “all the girls sit at home, got to the beach, and shop, and had no jobs,” while the boy figures “went on adventures, worked, saved people, and had jobs,” adding they “even swam with sharks”. This letter once again in the bring X in the dock over its gender inequality approach. To whom she was addressing to  ? 

7) id the mascot of which famous auto brand ? 

- Buick 


Pranav Duvvuri said...

1. Nintendo wii
3.fauza singh
5.stokeley Van camp - gatorade
6.shark boy and lava girl

Anonymous said...

Sent by Sumanth Patlolla

1) Wii
2) Avis Rent a Car System
3) Fauja Singh
4) Jockey International, Inc.
5) George Howell, founder of The Coffee Connection retail store
6) Lego
7) Buick

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Raj via mail

1. Wii ,Game console by Nintendo
3. Fauja Singh
4. Jockey
5. George Howell, Pioneer of Specialty-Coffee Movement and founder of "The Coffee Connection"
6. Lego
7. Buick

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Kumar

1 Wii by Nintendo
2 Avis- Rent a car
3 Fauja Singh, Ace runner
4 Jockey Brand
5 George Howell, the world’s first international estate coffee competition and international internet auction
6 LEGO Brand
7 Mercury, Buick Motor Car Co.

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Abhilashini A J via Mail

1 Wii gaming console by Nintendo
2 Avis, a car rental company
3 Fauja Singh
4 Jockey
5 George Howell, Frappucino
6 Lego
7 Adler