Sunday, 20 March 2016

Business Quiz - 78

1) "Make in India" is dream project of NDA govt. which company came up with "Made for India" campaign back in late 2000's? 
- Nokia for its mobile, Nokia- 1100, interestingly Make in India & Made for India campaign are made by one person V Sunil. 

2) It began, in 1979, as a mad idea of starting a cable channel to televise local events throughout the state of Connecticut. Today, X is arguably the most successful network in modern television history, spanning eight channels in the Unites States and around the world. Id the company, I am talking about which history has been chronicled in a book named "These Guys Have all the Fun"?  

3)   This couple raised some fund & opened their first store in San Francisco, selling Levi’s jeans and music records. Id the brand they founded which first to be named as "Pant and Discs" but had to change the name when his wife suggested to call it ______. Id this famous fashion brand they founded?  
The Gap founded by Donald & Doris Fisher

*4)  Idea of this newspaper was conceived by three friends a Journalist, Advocate and Homeopath named 'Theodre La Touche, B. R Chari and Sarojini Naidu’s son,  M.N. Jaisoorya respectively. Id which newspaper came in existence in 1938 which has retained its position as the leading newspaper and has only grown stronger as the ‘people’s paper’?
The Deccan Chronicle

5) What patent was filed by two student of Drexel institute of Tech. in 1949 which IBM refused to buy and make any kind of funding for their project and the patent was later purchased by RCA. What is this, I am talking about which get its peak period in early 1980's when US Army began using it and today Federal Express is the largest user of this. Id what ? 
Barcode by Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland

6) This company was founded by JN Radhakrishna Rao in 1948, as a laboratory as its name suggests in its early period. In Sanskrit company name mean 'drink of Gods. Id the company?   
Amrut Distilleries Ltd

7) Id this Health care, Biotechnology company with the goal of combatting aging and associated diseases and so slogan is "We're tackling aging, one of life's greatest mysteries". Id the company from its logo and its parent company? 
Calico owned by Google


Anonymous said...

Sent by Sumanth Patlolla

3) GAP
4) Deccan Chronicle
5) Barcode
6) Amrut Distilleries Ltd
7) Calico; Google/Alphabet

anil raghavan said...

3)deccan chronicle

4deccan chronicle

Raushanbrain said...

1. Royal Enfield Bullet
3. GAP
4. Deccan Chronicle
5. Bar code
6. Amrut Distillary
7. Calico Google

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Pulkit Garg



3. The Gap

4. The Deccan Chronicle

5. Barcode

6. Amrut Distilleries

7. Calico ; Parent Company - Alphabet

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Raj via mail

1. NOKIA, for NOKIA 1100 Brand
3. GAP
4. Deccan Chronicles
6. Amrut Distilleries Ltd
7. Calico LLC

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Kumar

3 GAP Clothing Brand
4 Deccan Chronicle Newspaper
5 Barcodes
6 Amrut Distilleries
7 Calico Labs

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Abhilashini AJ

1 An ad agency called 'A' started by 'Make in India' logo designer V. Sunil
3 The Gap founded by Donald & Doris Fisher
4 The Deccan Chronicle
5 Barcode by Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland
6 Amrut Distilleries Ltd
7 Calico established by Google