Thursday, 3 April 2014

Business Quiz Set- 8

1) "Monetary Hawk and Monetary Dove" are the term commonly used in the US to describe members and nominees of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (In UK and Indian even). What these term depict ? 
- Tell the priority of the nominees are either they interested in reducing Inflation or reducing 
Unemployment. ("dove" more concerned with unemployment than with inflation & vice-versa).  

2) "Parivar" is the in house magazine of which corporation ? 

3) Which Investment bank founded in 1869, pioneered the use of  Commercial Paper since 1869 ?
- Goldman Sach 

4) In 1960s, Which Indian company was among the first companies in the country to launch  
"Management Trainee programme" ?
- India Pistons 

5) Connect ?

-Morgan Stanley. Company formed by JP Morgan Partners, Its founder Harold  Stanley and Henry Morgan and book is about removal of its CEO.                     

6) Which Hong Kong-based hospitality firm got its name from a fictional place situated in Tibet 
mountains in an English novel "Lost Horizon"? 
- Shangri-la

7) The Gongman (also known as the "man-with-the-gong") is a trademark of which British 
entertainment conglomerate ?
- Rank Organisation 

8) Which Internet search engine's name literally means `view from above' and was originally owned by Digital Equipment Corporation's and later by Compaq?
- AltaVista

9) Which body govern the "Employee's Provident Fund Organisation of India" (EPFO) ?
-  Central Board of Trustee 

10) Id the campaign by ?
- Campaign for Polio-Free India by JWT and Rotary International.

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