Thursday, 26 March 2015

TATA CRUCIBLE Chandigarh Final 2015

Wild Card Round 

1 What began as a short-lived venture called Control Video Corporation (or CVC), founded      by Bill von Meister.


2 Sports Illustrated owned by which news magazine ?


4 Viv Richard remain brand ambassador of which fabric brand ?


5 which Indian state CM was employee of TATA Steel?

-Arvind Kejriwal

6 Which electronics giant started in1946, whose first product was Rice Cooker ? 



1 Bangalore-based digital publisher EC Media International launched WINK that not only supports 15 languages but will also offer over 200,000 book titles on debut. What is WINK? 

-India first e-book reader

2 The idea of this was  conceptualised to combat Radio Ceylon in 1957.[2]Within no time it proved to be a popular channel of every household. So this was channel was launched on October 2, 1957. What was introduced ?

-Vivid Bharti 

3 CCTV camera used for first time installed in India in 1972 in Bombay in which sports?

-Hoarse Racing 

4  Question on Royal Canadian Mint released commemorative coins celebrating the 75th anniversary  of creation of SUPER MAN. 

5 connect 

-Tata Chemical 

6 ID the device, which name is named after a Greek God of Dream

-Sony Project Morpheus (virtual reality)

7 These shoe share its name with which institution?

- Oxford Shoes

8 Protomax, Glory, Ding Dong, Stunner, Dazzler, Onax, Krypton, Pulse Junior are all product of Stryder. What are these are and which company own them ?

- Tata, bycycle

9 A business tactic involving the sale of dependent goods for different prices - one good is sold at a discount, while the second dependent good is sold at a considerably higher price.

-Gillete Razor Model 

9 This is an asset-management and valuation method that assumes that assets produced or acquired last are the ones that are used, sold or disposed of first. How we know such method ?

-FIFO method  first-in, first-out

10 ID What concept TATA is offering? 

-Taj Safari 

11 Riyaz was originally an Italian company who first brought the idea in India originated in Italy in a place called Nocera Umbra from a spring called Angelica. In 1965, it was introduced in Mumbai in two varieties - bubbly & _______. Id the brand ?


12 Question on Pioneer newspaper Rudyard Kipling used to work in this as assistant editor .

13 Question on Ford Credit Payment System 

14 Connect 

-Hero Motor 

15 Who are two brother started this newspaper in 1880 ?

-Wright Bro 

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