Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Business Quiz Set - 46

1) Launched in 2012, with the theme 'World Tour' and it has featured 21 cities like NewYork, Rio de Janeiro, Sudney, Rome, Tokyo, Miami, Mumbai since its conception. Id the game founded by Denmark based company which include character like Edison, Eddy, Tony, Lucy, Alex etc 
- Subway Sufer 

2) Albion Sports in Australia is the only manufacturer of this and right of it has been held by "Australian Cricket Board" What is this I am talking about having enormous value there ?
 Baggy Green worn by the Australian Test cricketers

3) This biographical drama film based on an American entrepreneur, investor depicting his struggle to become a famous stockbroker while managing his fatherhood & homelessness. Id the person has been portrayed in this movie ? 

- Chris Gardner 

4) He is the founder of famous business magazine first published in late 1970's, Id him and magazine ?

 - Ashok Hotchand Advani of Business India Group

5) In Oct 1977, a post office was started in one of the village of Bikaner district. The postmaster was given 80 rupees extra every month than the normal budget in form of maintenance allowance. Id why this 80 rupees were given to the post office which grabbed much media attention in those days as it was first of kind of experiment done by India Post Office?
Mobile Camel Post office

*6) What is this business model created by A. Fluegelman for IBM in early 1980's which he described it as "an experiment in economics more than altruism" and how we know this commonly in this world ?
  Shareware business model for software marketing sometime also refer as Free Trail. 

7) It is mostly known as the predecessor of Wikipedia (logo of this given below), which had a seven-step approval process to control content of articles before being posted rather than live wiki-based updating. Id this entity ?

- Neopedia


Raj Vardhan Tiwari said...

1. Subway Surfers
2. Baggy cricket caps which are handcrafted worn by Australian Team
3. Christopher Gardner
4. Ashok Advani founder of Business India Group of Publications
5. in Camel Post office postmaster was given an allowance of Rs 80 per month to maintain the camel
6. PC Talk
7. Nupedia

Anonymous said...

1) Subway Surfers
2) Baggy Green worn by the Australian Test cricketers
3) Christopher Gardner
4) Ashok Advani of Business India Group
5) Mobile Camel Post office
6) Freeware or Shareware
7) Nupedia

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Raj via email

1) Subway Surfers , developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games.
2) Hand Crafted Australian Baggy Caps.
3) Chris Gardner
4) Ashok Advani , Business India.
5) Camel Post Offices, Rs.80/- was given as Maintenance allowance for camels.
6) Shareware, commonly known as "Freemium".
7) Nupedia.

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Kumar via email

Subway Surfers
Baggy Green, Australian Cricket team Caps
Chris Gardner
Ashok Hotchand Advani, Business India
First Case of Travelling Allowance Given to Government Employee
ShareWare Business Model for Software Marketing