Sunday, 15 February 2015

Business Quiz Set 42

1)  This game and its variants are popular in many countries. Some of the games are sold under the brand name like Sorry, Trouble, Aggravation. In Greece the game is called Grumbler, In Sweden it is known as Fia. What game I am talking about originated in 6th century and early evidence of this game is also found in the Ajanta Cave ? 
Ludo which is derived from Indian Game Pachisi

2) X was an Ireland based company founded by L. Auchincloss. This was acquired by Unilever in late 1980's which it sold to ICI (Imperial Chemical Ind) in 1997. Later a Scotsman bought the share from ICI and became one of the major shareholder of this company along with Y in India. Id which company it is came in India in 1978 ?   
- Biocon 

3)  First time it was introduced at the Lyon Exhibition in mid 1890's. Interestingly it made its brief appearance in the Asterix series as the chariot wheel dealer. It also plays a key role in William Gibson's novel Pattern Recognition. Id which mascot I am talking about which is one of the world oldest and most recognised trademark ? 
- Bibendum 

4) First time it was introduced in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, who served them to her guests. Today, they are generally served around the world on some occasion like Christmas. Acc. to Guinness Book of Records, the world largest of this was made by IKEA in Oslo, Norway in late 2000's. What I am talking about which is also used in decoration of house as well ? 
- Gingerbread man cookie 

5) Connect with a company ?  
- Microsoft is the overall answer ( Avanade JV of Microsoft with Accenture, Kin mobile phone from Microsoft, Spartan logo new browser from teh Microsoft for Window 10, and Microsoft car. 

6) X began in response to disaster in form of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that struck northeast Japan in 2011 which disrupted phone lines across the country and damaged telecommunication infrastructure nationwide, obliging employees at a Korean company Naver Corporation, rely on internet based resources to communicate. The company engg. developed something to cope up with this situation and later it was released in the market and got huge success in a short period. Id what was started ? 
- Line App

7) Id the logo of which US based retail chain started with specialised in building and repairing tennis rackets later expanded to manufacturer items for golf clubs and fishing tackle etc. This company also developed and patented a standardized shuttlecock and popularises badminton in the United States. Today manufacture wide range of  ? 

Eddie Bauer 


Monish Gowda said...

3.Michelin man

Anonymous said...

1) Ludo
2) Biocon
3) Bibendum
4) Gingerbread man
5) Microsoft
6) Line application
7) Eddie Bauer

Andy said...

1) Ludo
2) Biocon
3) Bibendum
4) Gingerbread Man
5) MicroSoft
6) Line App
7) Eddie Bauer

Brand Trivia Today said...

Email by debabrata chowdhury

3 BIBENDUM of Michelin

Brand Trivia Today said...

Email by Anand Kumar

Ludo(Board Game)
Biocon Limited
Bibendum Character
Gingerbread Man
Mustang which is powered by Kinectic, Microsoft, Avanade (JV of Microsoft)
Eddie Bauer