Thursday, 13 March 2014

Business Quiz Set 5


1) How we know the Lohia Machinery Limited company very well ?
- LML 

2) What is Ward Infrastructure Index?
- A program  to assess the quality of life in urban areas. It analyses various wards by its quality of infrastructure and rates them on scale of 0 – 10. Initiative taken by 'Janaagraha' a NGO

3) What was founded in 2008 formally known as This company is backed by Matrix Partners India, Omidyar Network, Norwest Venture Partners and invested in by eBay Inc ?
- Quikr

4) Which business magazine was started in 1995 by Alan Webber and Bill Taylor, two former Harvard Business Review editors, and publisher Mortimer Zuckerman. This company also operate a website known as "30 secound MBA", a site with an ongoing video "curriculum" of advice from business personalities. Id the company ?
- Fast Company

5) Which company was co-founded in March 2006 by Internet entrepreneurs Fabrice Grinda and A.C.F. Oxenford ? 

6) Which famous brand right are held by Dr Pepper Snapple Group in US and by Pepsi in rest of the world ?
- 7Up

7) Which brand was founded in 2000, in which one of TATA subsidiary owned 34% stake which were later sold to Sterling which later sold it to an Italian group which owned it today, recently one of a UK based biz-man set to acquire this company, he was also its first CEO in its initials period. Which famous brand is this ?
- Barista Coffee

8) What was created in 1997 as 'Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc' ?

- Yum!Brand

9) "Online shopping for towns" is slogan of which online retail brand ?

10)  Id the logo of which financial institution established 350 years back, This is the world's oldest Central Bank and the world's 4th oldest bank still in operation. Id this bank and its contribution in the world of Education ?

Sveriges Riksbank also known as Bank of Sweden, known for set up Economics Noble Prize 

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