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Logo Quiz

69) Id this apparel brand from its logo and name its parent company ? 

Bean Pole, a South Korean fashion brand owned by Samsung’s  

68) Id the missing title ? 

The World is Flat

67) IVY PARK is a new sportswear brand named after founder daughter, Id who came up with this brand ? 

66) Id this central bank of which nation which is the first central bank in the world to introduce a dedicated hotline for the general public to complain any banking related problem also first central bank in the world to issue a "Green Banking Policy". Id this from its logo ? 

Bangladesh Bank

65) This is a Publishing company specialises in producing visual travel guides to Indian destinations. Which is its parent company  ?

Eicher Group

64) Who is this Indian featured in an advertising campaign of  Adidas alongside David Beckham & Jonny Wilkinson back in 2004 and once again appeared in the ford campaign named "Unlearn" recently ? 
Fauja Singh

63) id the mascot of which famous auto brand ? 

- Buick 

62)  Id this Health care, Biotechnology company with the goal of combatting aging and associated diseases and so slogan is "We're tackling aging, one of life's greatest mysteries". Id the company from its logo and its parent company? 
Calico owned by Google

61) Id which Airline was started by him in 2005 which ceased its operation in 2010 ? 

Paramount Airways

60) Id the logo of which company ? 

TVS Tyres

59) How do we know this brand today? 

-  Zomato 

58) Which public sector  company having slogan of "THODA SIMPLE SOCHO" ? 
National Insurance Company

57) Id the brand has been since 1850, well known for its tagline for last 32 years, The Best Part of Waking' Up is _______ in Your Cup" FITB ? 


56) Which company having the slogan "Red. Hot. Spicy" founded in 2005  ? 

55) Id the logo of which company ?

Getty Images

54) Virender Sehwag, Salman Khan and SRK  were some of its brand ambassadors, recently it  roped Nawazuddin Siddiqui  as it's brand ambassador. Id the brand? 
Mayur Suitings

53)  It the airline by its crest? 
British Airways

52) This is the logo of one of the oldest registered company in India and one of the oldest in the world, which is still in business. It was established in the year 1767, by a Scottish gentleman started his business in India. Id which company it is ?

- Forbes 

51) Id this British confectionery company by it's mascot which has been with this company since 1926 ?

Bassett's & character is Bertie Bassett. 

50) Id the Logo of 
National Fisheries Development Board

49) Id the Logo of which financial entity, which is JV of a famous bank from India ?
  - Everest Bank; JV with Punjab National Bank

48) Id the logo of which Chinese group which is mainly operating in biotechnology, retail, e-business, education and tourism. And it was in news recently for some reason, Id group and why in news ?

Tiens Group, The Chinese company took its 6400 employees to a free four-day trip to France and Monaco.

47) Id the logo of which organisation founded in 1999 ? 

-  Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

46)  Id the logo of which US based fashion brand ? 
Coach INC
45) This  is an Indian Conglomerate Company founded by Dr. Ramachandra Naidu Galla in mid 1980's. Group having its presence in packaged foods, beverages, infrastructure sector, metals product etc. But this group is better known for its brand X which is second largest selling product in its segment. Id the group and brand X ? ( logo of group given below) 
Amara Raja Group and battery brand 'Amaron'
44) Id the logo of which group majorly known for its Financial services ? 

 Saradha Group, infamous for Chit-fund Scam

43) First time it was introduced at the Lyon Exhibition in mid 1890's. Interestingly it made its brief appearance in the Asterix series as the chariot wheel dealer. It also plays a key role in William Gibson's novel Pattern Recognition. Id which mascot I am talking about which is one of the world oldest and most recognised trademark ? 
- Bibendum 

42) A long time back IRCTC did a alliance with SBI and came up with this credit card for there passenger. Simply tell me Who designed these credit card ?

- R.K Luxman

41) This entity formed by Greece Govt. way back in 1950's and served as a national brand of this nation until 1957 when it was acquired by shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. Id this entity logo given below ? 
Olympic Airlines

40) It is mostly known as the predecessor of Wikipedia (logo of this given below), which had a seven-step approval process to control content of articles before being posted rather than live wiki-based updating. Id this entity ?


39)  Which famous brand changed its logo to this animated one in 2007 for three month to promote its children segment product in this stores ?


38) Id the old logo of which famous brand ?

 Dunkin Donuts

37) Id the logo of which US based retail chain started with specialised in building and repairing tennis rackets later expanded to manufacturer items for golf clubs and fishing tackle etc. This company also developed and patented a standardized shuttlecock and popularises badminton in the United States. Today manufacture wide range of  ? 

Eddie Bauer 

36)  Philosophy of which company ? 

 McCan Erickson 

35) Id the logo of which British pharmaceutical company which is today part of GlaxoSmithKline ?

The Beecham

34) Which French company logo is inspired from this  mythological creature. In China, this brand literally mean "man-headed horse" ? 

Remy Martin 

33) Id the logo of ? 

Replicant OS

32) ) The company founded in late 1750's in Ireland. This company adopted a symbol of Ireland as its logo in 1862 which was continue since the 13th century. They registered this trademark shortly after passing of the Trade Marks Registration Act of 1875 with a little change to distinguished if from the Irish symbol. Id the brand is this ?

- Guinness
31) Can you id the brand is this ?

Mohan Meakin 

30) Id the logo of which legendary company which has undergone a massive rebranding operation recently ?


29) Which social networking site has slogan "The front page of the Internet" ? 

- Reddit 

28)  Id this Govt entity by its logo founded back in 1972 ? 

General Insurance Company 

27) Id this how we know this entity today ?

-CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)

26)   Which hospitality chain founded in 1909 named after a 17th-century French explorer, which was later bought by the Carlson group in 1962 ? 
-  Radisson Hotel 

25) Id this company founded as "The National Press" in 1915. The company started as a printer and publisher of newspaper and magazines ? 
- Nasper 

24)  Id the print ad of ___________ ?

Smith and Jones' Maggi

23) Id the organisation whose concept had been proposed in 1795 and adopted in 1920. But this failed in its purpose and lasted only for 26 year and replaced by a new body. Id the organisation by its logo ?
- League of Nation 

22)  ID campaign of which brand ? 
- Horlick 

21) Id the logo of which European company ? 


20) Id the Logo of 
- Dream Works 

19) ID logo of  ?


18)  ID the logo of ?
 - World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

17) Id the logo of which Govt. entity established in the 2003 ?
Competition Commission of  India

16)  X   was started as a large-scale sugar farming firm in 1900s but was later diversified into making also sugar refined spirit, sugar machinery, plastic goods, cement plant paper and pulp plant, water tube apart from sugar. Which group is this logo below ?
Walchandnagar Industries

15) Which country released this postage stamp in honour of celebration 100 years of Indian cinema ?

- Brazil 

14) Which brand launched this awareness campaign supporting diversity and standing up against oppression internationally ?

13) Which Indian bank was is this which merged with ICICI Bank in 2010 having tagline 
"Dare To Dream" ? 
-Bank of Rajasthan 

12)  The logo of this brand  was actually created by celebrity artist Alan Aldridge, who's best known for his work with the Beatles. Originally it was the idea of its one of its founder who model it after the simple design of Chevrolet's car hood ornament. Originally, they were going to make the colors red, white and blue, but decided that would be too much "Americana". So they liked it just the way it is. ID which famous entity logo came in existence ? 
- Hard Rock Cafe

11)  Id the logo of which National Airline, which HQ is know as "The Hub" ? 

Air New Zealand

10) How we used to know this brand earlier ? 
 ING Vysya Life Insurance 

9) This company founded back in 1907, it's logo was created in 1916 when its founder Jim Casey merged the company with a local rival, its logo featured a shield and an eagle carrying a package with the words “SAFE, SWIFT, SURE”. Which company ?
- UPS 

8)  Which state owned company founded in 1952 derived its logo from the chariot wheel of  Konark sun temple  ?
- Indian Airline (re-branded in 2005 as Indian later merged with Air India) 

7) Expand the acronym ? 

Food Safety and standard Authority of India

6) This was the mascot (in pic) for this brand in 1950s. Which used to give its viewers lessons about how to plan successful parties and picnics by having a plenty of __________ in hand. Id the brand it was mascot of ? 

- 7Up

5) 'We call him a _____________ for want of a better description. But his blood isn't blue. He may look like royalty, but he isn't royal.' These are the words of Bobby Kooka about whom ?
- Maharajah (Air India mascot) 

4) The Gongman (also known as the "man-with-the-gong") is a trademark of which British 
entertainment conglomerate ?
- Rank Organisation 

3) ID the Logo of ?


2) Id the logo of which political party ?
- Janata Party

1) What was created by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885 and the font used in its creation is known a Spenserian script, which flourished from 1850 to 1925 in the United States.
-Coca Cola logo

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