Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tata Crucible Chandigarh Campus Quiz 2014


1) Half Circle Full Circle Halfi Circle A, Half Circle Full Circle right angle A. Which company 
    Identity has been defined here ?
-  Coca Cola

2) This brand name comes from the 'Horch' meaning listen in German becomes_____ when translated to latin. Fill in the blank ?
- Audi 

3) What is common to Google and Nestle ?
- Kitkat 

4) “A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately 
   at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be” Whose words is this ?
-  Abraham Maslow

5) Who is Title Sponsor of IPL 2014?
- Pepsi

6) The Motto of which fact finding organistation is Industry, Impartiality, Integrity ?
- CBI 

7) Id the logo of which airline ? 

- Air Arabia

8) Which famous company you associate these lines "Walk when you talk" ?
- Idea

9) A permit which allows a country or organization to produce a certain amount of carbon emissions and which can be traded if the full allowance is not used. How we know this ?
- Carbon Credit 

10) Small disposable bag or pouch made from plastic tin foil often used to contain single use 
quantities of food and some other products and can not be recycle again. What is this ?
- Sachet

11) Addictive Entertainment  Pic (Not available)? 
- Playstation 

12) It is called Brazuca and is in much in demand in Brazil and in other countries ?
- FIFA Football

13) SK in SKBH stand for Salman Khan then what is BH stand for? 
- Being Human 

14) Happy Youth Global Youth volunteers Campaign by which company ? 
- Hyundai 

15) What does acronym ASCI in India stand for ?
- Advertising Standards Council Of India

16) Which Brand Emerged from the merger of Burton's Ice Cream Shop  and Snowbird Ice Cream respectively ? 
- Baskin and Robin

17) Term coined for a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital 
     camera or camera phone?
-  Selfie

18) Nutralite is product of which company?
-  Amway

19) CHAKRA the Invincible Pic India has a new superhero, created by comic books legend
- Stan Lee

Final Round:

1) Which biz term comes from the the Poker  betting discs ?
- Blue Chip Companies 

2) Which company believe Aluminum is the future choice of packaging?
- Hindalco 

3) Sri Lanka is planning to fill trademark infringement against someone who is trying to put "SL" on his products as SL represent Sri Lank. WHo is this using their trademark ?
- Sunny Leone

4) What promotional programe was  created in 1972 by Western Direct Marketing for United Airlines. It gave plaques and promotional materials to members. It was quickly followed later by every airline as a promotional tool ?
- frequent-flyer program

5) Question on Dunlop 

6) Roomster, Joinster, Yatti with which brand u connect with ?
- Skoda 

Visual Round: 

1)This is  is an American sports investment company. It is the parent company of  Premier League football club ___________ ?

Liverpool Football Club 

2) Id the logo of 

- Yamaha old Logo 

3) Id what has been described here ? 

- Kaizen 

4) Id the logo of 

- Bofors 

5) Id campaign by 


6) Id What has been described here? 

- BCG Matrix

Connection Round:






-Oral B 

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