Friday, 18 July 2014

Business Quiz Set- 21

1) Which company founded back in 1905, this brand sells its product in US, African and Asian market with the name of LAVA as it doesn't have licence to sell its product by the name they sell in India, Bhutan and Nepal. In 1990's this company extended itself into the Tea and mosquito coils etc. In 1950's this company was renamed as Union Carbide India Ltd as it UCIL was majority stake holder in this company earlier. ID which company I am talking about ?
-  Eveready Industries India 

2) He was widely perceived as a nationalist businessman akin to G. D. Birla. In 1948, his business group was named in the list of business houses indulging in black-marketing. R. K. Shanmukham Chetty, the finance minister at that time had to resign for reportedly suggesting that this group name be dropped from the list. Later the group absolved of any wrongdoing. Id this person and group he founded with help of his brother and other investors ? 
Kasturbhai Lalbha who founded Arvind Mills. 

3) Dominic Wilson, Anna Stupnytska and Roopa Purushothaman played an important role coining what term (In the news now a days) ?
- BRIC's

4) I think everyone know this man, well that's not my question, Tell me what technology was brought by him in this country in a venture with UK based company in 1980's ?
BK Modi, brought India’s first photocopiers Xerox in a venture with Rank Organisation.

5) In the 1930's, Rear Admiral Richard Byrd explored the Antarctic, and X who generously supported his expeditions. Richard Byrd named this mountain range after X in recognition of his consistent support. The X Mountains rise to a height of 9,000 feet toward the southern extreme of the Ross Ice Shelf Antarctic.  Tell me after whom this mountain was named (he shares his name with a famous brand which was founded by him) 
- William Horlicks. Horlick Mountain

6) In 1987, Fearing the possibility of counterfeiting, the government of this country approved a new for the reverse side of its coin, replacing the voyageur with a aquatic bird found in many parts of North America and Eurasia, this is the size of a large duck or small goose and resembles these birds in shape when swimming, it is known as 'divers' in Great Britain. The coin was nicknamed as "X" across the country and became known as a 'huard'. This bird has subsequently gained iconic status within the country and is now regarded as a national symbol of this country as well. Id the currency of which country and by what nickname this coin is called in the country ? 
- The Canadian one-dollar coin depicting Loon an aqatic bird and currency is nicknamed 

7) Which company has issued these gold coins worth in honour of legend Sachin Tendulkar ?

- East India company


Anonymous said...

1) Eveready Industries India, Ltd (EIIL)
2) Kasturbhai Lalbhai, co-founder of Arvind Mills
4) B.K. Modi brought India’s first photocopiers in partnership with Rank Xerox
5) William Horlick
6) Canadian one dollar coin commonly called the Loonie
7) Britain’s premium luxury goods brand East India Company

Brand Trivia Today said...

E-mail by Vrushabh Gudade

2) Ambani
4)mobile network debut in India
7) Valuemart

Brand Trivia Today said...

E-mail by Anand Kumar

1.Eveready Industries India
2.Kasturbhai Lalbhai, Arvind Mills
4.first international Joint Venture partnership in the tyre industry
5. William Horlick
6.Canada, Loonie
7. East India Company