Saturday, 6 September 2014

Business Quiz Set- 23

1) "Chiffrephile" is a term used for the people who are in the field of Economics and Finance. Who are these people, for whom this term is coined for?
- People who are lover of Figure. 

2) This is a place in suburb of Mumbai. The name of this location has been derived from the names of two small but old temples located in this area. A famous confectionery company also share its name with this 
location and also serve as the location of its first factory established back in 1950 and inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru?
- Parle G and the location is Vile Parle

3)  It is Nandini in Karnataka, Saras in Rajasthan and Mahananda in Maharashtra are result of influence from what ? 
- Amul, Kurien's idea of having farmers own the brand went a long way This is the reason state federations now have their own brands
4) This group was founded as a publishing house and print shop in July 1835 in Germany. First concentrated on christian songs and books later the company began publishing novels, During World War II, this was the biggest single producer of Nazi propaganda as its owner,  said to have belonged to a group that donated money to the Nazi's and this gave them enough publicity in that time.  
This company today own the world's largest general interest trade book publishing company, Europe's biggest broadcaster of radio and television group & biggest magazine publishing houses in Europe. Id which business Group I am talking about ? 
- Bertelsmann 

5) Our movement has much in common with Gandhi's both are movements for freedom and to end a form of oppression. Gandhi sought to end the rule of the British over India, and we seek to end the rule of the software developers over cyberspace. Who is this computer programmer had  obtained positive statements about the free software movement from the  Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam also ? 
- Richard Matthew Stallman

7) ID logo of  ?


Anonymous said...

Name: Sumanth Patlolla
1) Lover of numbers, and those who attempt to quantify anything remotely possible
2) Vile Parle
3) They are brands of milk from the respective state federations, as part of Kurien's idea of having farmers own the brand
4) Bertelsmann
5) Richard Stallman
7) The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answers E-mailed by ABIN JOLLY


Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer E-mailed by Anand Kumar

1. "Chiffrephile,” a term invented by Prof. Angus Maddison to characterize economists like himself who are prone to quantifying the world.
2. Vile Parle
3. Brands of Milk Products from different states owned by respective state milkfederation/cooperatives
4. Bertelsmann Group
5. Richard Matthew Stallman
7. Central Bureau of Investigation

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer E-mailed by Raj Gohel

1.Angus Maddison,lover of numbers
5.Richard Stallman