Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Business Quiz Set - 68

1) Due to upcoming alarming situation sometime in near future as this country will suffer from its lower population. To tackle this situation a travel company  named "Spies"  has come up with a campaign for aspiring grandparents "Do it for Mom" to encourage parents to sponsor trips abroad for their adult children and get a  grandchild & conceived a child while on a vacation organised by the company, offered a chance to win three years of free diapers. Id country where such schemes has been launched ? 

2) Angola, a colony of Portugal gained independence in mid-1970's and later entered into a civil war which continued till early 2000's. In this period, rebellion used to sell X to finance its war with the government. The UN recognised the role that X played in funding the rebels and passed a resolution banning the purchase of X from Angola as it is one the mode of funding a war. What is X & what particular term was coined by the rebellion for this item when it is used in war zone to finance insurgency? 
- Diamond and term is Blood Diamond 

3) The Archaeological Survey of India along with respective departments has selected six monument for a special purpose these are "Stone Chariot of Hampi", "Red Fort","Sun Temple", "Taj Mahal", Goa Churches", "Padmapani Painting in Ajanta Caves". What is the purpose of selection of these World Heritage Sites? 
Chosen to be featured on new currency notes of the denomination of Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000, respectively

4) Which Insurance company started in 1896, recently become the market leader in Bahrain and third largest player in the UAE? 
-  LIC 

5) What famous slogan was coined by Frances Gerety when he was working for N.W. Ayer & Sons in 1947, which became famous advertising line of 20th century?
"A Diamond Is Forever"

6) Who has made the investment in companies through his venture in Vyomo, Moovo, Healthians, EduKart, JetSetGo and most recently Cartisan? 
-  YouCanWin venture of Youvraj Singh 

7) Id the logo of which Japanese Company? 

- Hitachi 


Shivdas said...

2.Blood Diamonds
3.10 rupee note
5.Diamonds are Forever
6.Youwecan - Yuvraj Singh
7. Hitachi

Anonymous said...

Sent by Sumanth Patlolla

1) Denmark
2) Blood diamonds
3) Chosen to feature on new currency notes of the denomination of Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000, respectively
4) LIC
5) "A Diamond Is Forever"
6) YouWeCan Ventures
7) Hitachi Solutions

Delectable Debonair said...

1) Denmark
2) Diamond
3) Pictures on Indian notes, 10, 20,50
4) LIC
5) A diamond is forever
6) Yuvraj Singh, Youwecan
7) Hitachi Consulting

Brand Trivia Today said...

answer by Anand Raj

1. Denmark
2. Diamond, Term : Blood Diamond.
3. Reserve Bank of India has decided to feature the images of these eight heritage monuments on ten rupee notes
4. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC).
5. A Diamond is forever.
6. YouWeCan, a foundation established by Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh.
7. Hitachi