Friday, 17 March 2017

Business Quiz - 87

1) This brand was launched in India on independence day in 1952, 2 yr back this company came up with a campaign titled #AliveIsOffline which urged its consumer to get off the internet, keep the smartphones away and see this world without World Wide Web. ID which brand came up with this campaign which is an extension of one of its previous campaign which is more popular even today? 
- Cinthol

2)  This non-profit economic think tank was started in mid 1950's as a public-private partnership. The Ford Foundation provided strong financial support in the early years, combined with support from the Finance Ministry and Tata Sons. Id this institution which is today headed by Nandan Nilekani ? 
- NCAER (National Council of Applied Economic Research)

3) Established on 16 July 1968 by the Government of Singapore to take over the industrial financing activities from the Economic Development Board, today this Singapore based multinational banking and financial services corporation is considered as the "Safest Bank in Asia”. Id this financial institution having the tagline "Living, Breathing Asia"? 
- DBS Bank

4) This is one of the oldest and most common ideograms in Western culture and originally stood for the planet Mars in the Roman Empire. As such, the ideogram has long been the symbol of the iron industry so a famous Sweden based company adopted it as its logo by creating an association with the Swedish Iron Industry. Id the brand? 
- Volvo


Rajarshi Chanda said...

Cinthol, Aadhar (UIDAI), DBS (Development Bank of Singapore), Volvo.

Anonymous said...

Sent by Sumanth Patlolla

1) Cinthol
2) National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)
3) DBS Bank
4) Volvo

Gourav Nair said...

1. Cinthol
2. National Council of Applied Economic Research
3. DCB Bank
4. Volvo

Andy said...

1. Cinthol
2. National Council of Applied Economic Research or NCAER
3. DBS bank / The Development Bank of Singapore Limited
4. Volvo

Hitesh Kamboj said...

Through Mail by Anand Kumar

DBS Bank
Volvo Logo