Saturday, 25 March 2017

Business Quiz - 89

1) He is dubbed as China's Warren Buffett by local media, his career started at a state-run vacuum tube plant, before venturing into the field of homegrown electronics. His first product was the “Subor”, a copycat of Nitendo’s Famicom (a gaming console). Since there wasn't any local competition back in the 1990s, “Subor” skyrocketed in terms of popularity. Later, he went on to start BBK, which was primarily popular for creating VCD, MP3 players and DVD players. By 2001, this company had become the world’s largest DVD manufacturer later the company has become a famous OEM manufacturer for overseas brands and today it is equally famous for two its famous brand. ID these brands and person in the visual? 

- Duan Yongping and Oppo, Vivo

2) He served as 25th Secretary of the Treasury (1861-1864) of US. He is best known for introducing first paper currency as well as national bank in the country. In 1877, which famous financial entity was named after him although he did not have any connection with this entity. It this financial institution named after him? 

Chase National Bank named after him 'Salmon P. Chase'

 3) Id this financial service provider by its Logo & formerly known by what name ? 
Ant Financial Services Group, formerly known as Alipay: An affiliate company of the Chinese Alibaba Group


Anonymous said...

Sent by Sumanth Patlolla

1) Duan Yongping and Oppo, Vivo
2) Salmon P. Chase
3) Ant Financial Services Group (formerly Alipay)

Andy said...

1. OPPO and VIVO Brands, Person : Duan Yongping
2. Chase National Bank, a predecessor of Chase Manhattan Bank which is now "JPMorgan Chase", was named in his honor.
3. Ant Financial Services Group,formerly known as Alipay : An affiliate company of the Chinese Alibaba Group

Hitesh Kamboj said...

Mail by Rohit Mishra

2.Salmon Chase
3.Ant financial formerly known as Alipay

Hitesh Kamboj said...

Mail by Purvashi Verma

1. Warren Buffett and Duan Yongping. Brands by Mr. Yongping- Oppo and Vivo

2. Salmon P. Chase

3. Ant Financial Services. Former name - Alipay