Sunday, 30 March 2014

Business Quiz Set 7

1). Prior to 1985, The X Corporation was called Consolidated Foods. X was one of its famous product after which this brand is known today. In 1956, Consolidated Foods bought this X brand from Charles Lubin who had named it after his daughter. Id this X corporation ?
- Sara Lee

2). Which brand identity was developed around the idea of "adding vitality to life."

3). Hindustan Lever Limited had to change its name to Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Why ?
- HLL was already acronym of HLL Lifecare Limited (formerly Hindustan Latex Limited) which manufacture Contraceptive product. 

4) Id the Logo of ________?

5). Tux is a  character and the official mascot of X, which was designed by Larry Ewing ? 
-Linux mascot Penguin (founded by Linus torvalds). 

6).  Innovation Delivered tagline of _______ ?
- Diebold 

7). What was started as Chloride Electrical Storage Co.  in India as an import house ?
- Exide 

8).  Reliance Drishti is first of its kind registered entity in India. What is this entity is all about ? 
-India's first Registered Braille Newspaper in Hindi  

9) "The Insider" is the novel  was first published in 1998. Who is the author of this ?
 P. V. Narasimha Rao

10) Logo of which political party ?

- Janata Party. 

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