Thursday, 15 May 2014

Business Quiz Set- 13

1) George Allen, an Englishman who had had great success in the tea business in north-east India, he set to form something in Allahabad in mid 1860's. Which was later sold to the Thapar Group in 1990 which gave the national wings to this brand. Today it is owned by Chandan Mitra a politician and Journalist. Tell me what I am talking about ?
- The Pioneer 

2) To fight the illiteracy and to emphasize the importance of the writing, X brand came in cooperation with UNICEF and launch this campaign "Signature for Good" in which they asked 149 celebrities to write a personal statement beginning with, "I like to write because.......".
These statements were later auctioned off by UNICEF.  Id which brand initiative was this  for 
education campaign & what is the significance of 149 celebrities ?
- Montblanc Pen, for its 149 Fountain Pen.

3) About what brand/product is Mahatma Gandhi reported to have remarked, ``One of the few useful things invented''?
- Singer Swing Machine 

4)What marketing strategy was invented by Brownie Wise, who developed it for the Tupperware company in the early 1950's. and became the reason of success of Tupperware ?
- The party plan or hostess parties, a method of marketing the products by hosting a social event at some place during which a product will be demonstrated.

5) In 2012 which company re-branded its International Coffee and Tea business as D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753 and North American Retail and Food service business as Hillshire Brands Company? 
- Sara Lee

6) This is the second oldest central bank in the world. Sometimes known as the “Old Lady” of Threadneedle Street, the Bank was founded in 1694 with a founding charter that stated its purpose was to “promote the public good and benefit of our people”.  Id which entity is this (logo in pic) 
- Bank of England 

7) In advertising layouts (or any written text, for that matter), what is `kerning'?
- The Space between the letters

8) What term is used to refer the countries which are politically unstable, economically depends upon the exports of a limited resources & are commercially exploited for private profits by the State itself. Honduras and Guatemala only the two countries which have been dubbed _________ in 20th century. The term was first coined by American author Henry in his 1904 book of short stories "Cabbages and Kings". What term ? 
-  Banana Republic.

9) Which company's famously advertised vision statement is `The Network is the Computer'?
Sun Microsystems

10) Id the this author, a Hungarian-born famous American businessman ? 
- Andy Grove

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Anirban Ghosh said...

1) Pioneer Group
2) Mont Blanc; to signify the Meisterstuck 149
3) Singer Sewing machines
4) Direct marketing
5) Sara-Lee
6) Bank Of England
7) Process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font
8) Banana Republic
9) Sun Microsystems
10) Andrew Grove