Thursday, 22 May 2014

Business Quiz Set -14

1) The term was officially adopted in Madrid in 1995. Which was coined by a Belgian Germain Pirlot, a former teacher of French and history. What is this term ? 
-  Euro

2) Which Calcutta-based internet service provider announced in 1999 that it would be the first free Internet service provider in the country ? 

3) Which fragrance company campaigns featured models Shelley Hack, Charly Stember, and, notably Naomi Sims, making Sims the first African American woman in history to be featured in a cosmetic company's advertising.  Oprah Winfrey dedicated a segment of her talk show in 2007 to discuss the impact of this brand advertising. Id the brand they all endorsed for ?
- Charlie produced by the American cosmetic and perfume house Revlon named after Charlie Revson 

4) The inspiration for this product came about following a challenge by the Ford Foundation  to improve children's fitness's  by improving  urban playing surface. Later X  was  invented  in 1960's by two employees of the Chemstrand Company (now Monsanto Textiles Company) to solve this ?
- AstroTurf

5)  Which brand first introduced in 1926, marketed as a "white, pure soap for women," as many soaps of the time were colored to mask impurities ? 
- Camay 

6) In the 1660s, this product had become very popular among the upper classes of society, At the time, however, the French were not familiar with its technology, instead, Republic of Venice was known as the world leader in to manufacture this item, controlling technical and commercial monopoly of its business.  
      Later, French minister of finance 'Jean Colbert' wanted France to become completely self-sufficient in meeting domestic demand of this product and established a public enterprise in mid 1660's. Id this company and how we know it today ?
- Saint Gobain

7) This term was coined first in 1968 by William Gaud  former USAID(United State Agency for international Development Director). This term widely used in international arena. First to be used by India in 1960's & later in Iran used for a protest made against the malpractices in election. Id the term I am talking about ? 
- Green Revoution

8) Id the currency named after this bird ?

- Quetzal national bird and the name of the currency of Guatemala.

9) What is the product was named after a town in the province of Antwerp in Belgium as this city was the only supplier of its raw material. This product is widely used by Army persons worldwide ? 
- Duffle Bag 

10) Id the author ?

- Bill Gate


Brand Trivia Today said...

1. The Euro
2. Caltiger, 1999
3. Revlon
4. Chem-grass, now Astro-Turf
5. Camay
6. Saint Gobain
7. Green revolution (I am not sure about Iranian use)?
8. Is that a Resplendent quetzal? The currency of Gautemala is quetzal
9. The duffel
10. William Gates

Answers by Srini Vasan R through Email :)

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