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Business Quiz Set -15

1) It started its printing business in 1480 and known for printing prayer books and scholarly works. To meets its rising costs, it started publishing children books, school text books etc. This printing house is publishing more than 6,000 new books every year and employing nearly 6,000 people. This entity is exempted from the corporation and income tax since 1970's in US, UK and many other countries. Id which elite entity is this in this world ?
-  Oxford University Press     

2) Which Chinese firm recently launched its IPO in the US with its new listing on Nasdaq. The IPO is the largest in history for a Chinese company in the US ? 
- founded by richard Liu. 

3) Which organisation was founded in mid 1990's, with the slogan "The Opinion and The Other Opinion" which was funded by a member of Royal family with $137 million ? 
- Al Jazeera

4) 'Ek Nayi Pahal' is a in house magazine of _________ ?
- Tihar Jail

5) Who is this Taiwanese-Japanese businessman  well know for inventing which food item in ready to eat form. Tell me what did he invent ?   

- Instant Noodle Momofuku Ando 

6) He was  director of consulting for Lotus Development Corporation before joining the Boston Chicken in 1992. He remained the president of worldwide field operations at Adobe. After resignation from Adobe he was selected as the COO of Juniper Networks for exactly one year. From 2008-2010 he worked for Microsoft as the head of the Business Division, responsible for the Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics line of products. Later he was named CEO of a famous Finnish company. Who ? 
- Stephen Elop

7) Observer described the banking Industry in 1950-1970 in US, as operating according to the 3-6-3 rule. As banking industry was lacking aggression and competition that time. What is this 3-6-3 rule ?
- Paying 3 percent interest on deposits, lending money out at 6 percent, and being able to "tee off at the golf course by 3 p.m

8) This company was actually founded in 1844 by Samuel P. in Yorkshire in the North of England. By the 1880, this company became one of the world's largest construction company. But today it is a very different company  and known for being a major shareholder in Financial Times, The Economist and many other elite media groups and in publishing houses. Id the Group  ?
-  Pearson

9) Which International organistation founded in 1967 having its HQ in Indonesia. To avoid the conflict for its chairmanship, this org. rotate its Chairmanship of this organisation  annually based on the alphabetical order of the English names of member states. Id which International org. is this ?
- ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nation)

10) Id the author ? 
- PC Parekh

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