Saturday, 27 September 2014

Business Quiz Set- 26

1)  What was started first time in 1996 at Hotel Leela Kempinski in Mumbai  and who started this ?
- Cyber cafe by Pritish Nandy 

2) The genesis of this goes back to 1944 when two brothers, Mr. H. P. Nanda and Mr. Yudi Nanda, launched a small agency house in Lahore. Over the years, this group has surged ahead and evolved into one of India's largest conglomerates being associated with some of the world leaders in the engineering manufacturing space like Minneapolis Moline, Ford, Yamaha, LG. Id this company I am talking about ? 
- Escorts 

3) ID this famous designer, a famous brand named after him ?
 - Tommy Hilfiger

4) This product became most noted due to an advertising campaign in the late 1980s in which fashion models said, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Id which brand adv was this ?
- Panteen 

5)  After which American physicist the trademark of this product is named, a famous company was founded consequently by him in 1913 to sell these product worldwide, Aircraft Pilot, Doctors & Sea Explorer were the main customer of this brand in that time and today it has become household brand ? 
 - Stanley Bottel  invented by William Stanley 

6) The More & Company is a proprietor firm engaged in manufacturing, supplying, distributing and exporting of these item since 1971. Previously these item were known as Kapashi, Paytaan, Kachkadi, Bakkalnali, and Pukari. Id what I am talking about ? 
- Kolhapuri Chapple 

7) Id the logo of which European company ? 
- Airbus


Anonymous said...

Name: Sumanth Patlolla

1) India's first Cyber cafe launched by Pritish Nandy
2) Escorts Group
3) Tommy Hilfiger
4) Pantene
5) Stanley bottle by William Stanley
6) Kolhapuri Chappals
7) Airbus

Brand Trivia Today said...

Anwer by Anand Kumar via Email

1. India's first cyber café , Pritish Nandy
2. Escorts Group
3. Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Hilfiger USA
4. Pantene
5. Stanley, Stanley Thermal Ware: Stanley Vacuum bottle
6. Kolhapuri Chappals
7. Airbus

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Vrushabh Gudade via mail

1) internet cafe and Pritish Nandy

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Raj Gohel via Email

1.India's first cyber cafe,Pritish Nandy
3.Tommy Hilfiger
5.Stanley bottle
6.Kolhapuri chhapal
7.Air bus