Sunday, 5 October 2014

Business Quiz Set- 27

1) This was incorporated in 1990 as a Section 25 company under the Companies Act 1956, this entity is known for introducing many novel concepts to the Indian capital markets such as screen-based nationwide trading, sponsorship of companies and scripless trading. Which famous entity I am talking about ? 
- OTC Exchange India  

2) Which famous French company was founded by these two brother back in 1889, inspiring from a tire puncture ?

- Michelin brother, Michelin company  

3) The idea of this Price Index was conceived by an economist of a US base bank. This price index is based on the 12 items which are mentioned in a song "The Twelve Days ______" . This is just like an inflation Index which assist consumer to know the fluctuations in the prices of these items & how much it will cost them in subsequent year. How we know this Index which is maintained by  PNC Wealth Management since its conception ?
- Christmas Price Index

4) Beaute Createurs, a mail order company, created in the late 1980s during the growth years of the mail order business. Which French company founded back in 1909 own this and  decided to close this business unit this year? 
-  L'oreal 

5) What was created in mid 1990's  from the merger of two Swiss company Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz Laboratories ?
- Novartis

6) Connect to a vintage brand ?

- Binaca

7) ID campaign of which brand ? 
- Horlicks 


Anonymous said...

Name: Sumanth Patlolla

1) OTC Exchange Of India (OTCEI)
2) Michelin
3) Christmas Price Index
4) L'Oreal Group
5) Novartis AG
7) Horlicks

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by debabrata chowdhury

1.ministry of corporate affairs
3.the twelve days of christmas
6 reckit benckiser
7 horlicks

Brand Trivia Today said...
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Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Raj Gohel
3.Chritmas price index
4.L O'real
7.Horlics ,night starvation

Brand Trivia Today said...

Anwer by Anand Kumar

1 OTCEI (Over the Counter Exchange of India)
2 Michelin Tyres Company
3 Christmas Price Index
4 L'Oréal Group under L'Oréal Finance
5 Novartis
6 Binaca, Ammen Sayani Photograph who presented Binaca Geetmala, Recikt Benkiser owns the Brand. Old photo may be his founder.
7 Horlicks