Monday, 20 October 2014

Business Quiz Set - 29

1) X is a Latin word whose meaning is light, a symbol of luxury. X was launched in the United States(1925) and in the United Kingdom(1928) as a toilet Soap. For what purpose it was introduced in India and what ?
- Lux

2) An Immigrant Sol Koffler founded this company in Rhode Island in 1930's with his life savings. In 1970, company launched a memorable ad campaign, highlighting the durability of its product by unleashing a "gorilla" (actually a man in a costume) commercial ran for  last fifteen years. Id this company which was acquired by Astrum International in 1993 ? 
- American Tourister 

3)  Martin Goodman and Louis Silberkleit, along with Maurice Coyne, founded Columbia Publications in early 1930's. Goodman soon left the company and started his own publication in 1939 as Timely Publications, later they changed its name & named it after a mountain range. Id how we know this company today ? 
- Marvel Comic 

4) This is a new factory opened in India under a CSR programme by a company known as Minda Furukawa Electric ( a JV between Ashok Minda Group, a leading auto component supplier and Furukawa of Japan). This is first of its kind project for the Indian auto sector. Tell me what is so unique  about this project ? 
- Set up at Tihar Jail inmate

5) Connect ?
- RBI, Sir Osborne smith, Hilton Young below and RBI earlier HQ

6) Who is this in the news as has been roped by a US firm to create its anthem. Id company and him ?
 Palash Sen, lead singer of the band Euphoria, to compose a 'Pepsi anthem'

7) Id the organisation whose concept had been proposed in 1795 and adopted in 1920. But this failed in its purpose and lasted only for 26 year and replaced by a new body. Id the organisation by its logo ?
- League of Nation 


Omprakash Chaudhary said...

2.American Tourister
3.Marvel Comics
4.first automobile plant to be planted in prison
5.Reserve Bank of India-a)Osborne Smith-First Governor of RBI
b).First Central branch of RBI
6.Palash Shah & Pepsico
7.League of Nations

enigmaticyetstoic said...

Sent by Sumanth Patlolla

1) Lux; launched as 'beauty soap of film stars'
2) American Tourister
3) Marvel Comics
4) The plant is a public-private-partnership between the Tihar prison complex and the private auto
component maker to tape long strands of insulated wire into harnesses for the Alto 800
5) Connect is RBI.
Sir Osborne Smith was the first Governor of the RBI, the first Central Office of the RBI in Calcutta,
Hilton Young chaired the 1925–66 Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance
6) Palash Sen, lead singer of the band Euphoria, to compose a 'Pepsi anthem'
7) League of Nations

shaurya said...

1 Lux
2 American tourister
3 Red circle
4 Made by jailees of tihar jail
6 Palash sen
7 League of nations

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Pravah Purohit via Email

2)american tourister
3) tata mcgraw hill
4) tihar jail's project
6) palash sen
7)league of nations

Brand Trivia Today said...

Answer by Anand Kumar via Email

1 LUX Brand & As a beauty soap
2 American Tourister
3 Marvel Comics
4 Tihar Jail inmates will work for this company & manufacturing done in Jail Premises
6 Palash Sen
7 Leagues of Nations