Sunday, 14 February 2016

Business Quiz - 73

1) E.D Sassoon and Company, a prominent Baghdadi Jewish industrial family, took over a mill which was in  the primitive area of Thane in 1925. They renamed the company and named it after two noted members of the Board of Director's.  Later a most prominent group from India X entered into negotiations with Sassoons. In 1944, X became the owner of this company and took charge of this fledgling enterprise that was the foundation of very famous brand in India. Id the X group and the company it acquired from the Sassoon? 
-   JK GroupRaymond 

2)  Virender Sehwag, Salman Khan and SRK  were some of its brand ambassadors, recently it  roped Nawazuddin Siddiqui  as it's brand ambassador. Id the brand? 
Mayur Suitings

3) Id him & what did he gave to the racing world ? 
Sundarama Karivardhan, designed Formula Maruti open wheeled race car.

4) Johann Jacob,  a German watch maker living in Switzerland, learned the Priestley's method of dripping sulfuric acid on to limestone to produce carbon dioxide gas and using his machinist's skill, became the first to develop a manufacturing process to artificially carbonate mineral water and it gave origin to ________ way back in 1780's and is still operating today as part of a larger company. Id the company which featured a real life veteran of British naval officer named Commander Whitehead in its adv in 1950's & 60's ? 
-  Schweppes

5) Id this businessman and company he founded ?
Narendra Bansal. Founded smartphones manufacturer, Intex technologies.

6) Journalist Romesh Thapar started an English language magazine, named Cross Roads which was banned being critical of Nehru Policies. Thaper challenged the ban in the SC which lifted the ban in 1951. This incident forced the Govt of India to bring some amendment in a Law.  What was the amendment was all about? 
Government added the caveat to the right to freedom of speech.

7) It the airline by its crest? 
British Airways


sangeet nitrr said...

1. Raymond group
2. Premium suiting
4. Schweppes
6. restricting freedom of expression in case of inciting violence or public disorder
7. British airways

Anonymous said...

Sent by Sumanth Patlolla

1) JK Group and Raymond Woollen Mills
2) Mayur Suitings
3) Sundaram Karivardhan designed the Formula Maruti open wheeled race car
4) Schweppes beverage brand
5) Narendra Bansal, Intex Technologies
6) Amendment to 19(1)(a) of Constitution of India against "abuse of freedom of speech and expression" i.e. The First Amendment
7) British Airways

Brand Trivia Today said...

Mail by Anand Raj

1. JK Group,Raymond Woollen Mills
2. Mayur Suitings
3. Sundaram karivardhan Naidu, He was one of the pioneers of Indian motorsports. He designed the Formula Maruti open wheeled race car
4. Schweppes
5. Narendra Bansal , Founder of Intex Technologies
6. Restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression of Hindus by making it a crime to incite public disorder
7. British Airways

Brand Trivia Today said...

answer by anand Kumar

Wadia Group & Raymonds Brand
Mayur Suitings
Sundaraman Karivardhan, Designed Formula Maruti Open Car
Narendra Bansal, MD & Chairman Intex
Right to freedom of Speech
British Airways

Brand Trivia Today said...

Mail by Abhilashini A J

1 Wadia Woollen Mill was changed to Raymond Mills when Sassoons acquired it. In 1944, Singhanias took over the same as owners.

2 Mayur Suitings

3 Sundarama Karivardhan, pioneer of Indian motorsports & designed Formula Maruti open wheeled race car.

4 Schweppes

5 Narendra Bansal. Founded smartphones manufacturer, Intex technologies.

6 It was the among the first amendment of the Indian constitution and concerned about 'abuse of freedom of speech and expression' and state's say in such matters.

7 British Airways